God's Modus Operandi (Part 1 of 5)

A major source of anxiety for many Christians today is how to know and do the will of God.
How can I know what God really wants me to do? How do I seek and follow His will?
Understanding God’s Modus Operandi is a vital foundation for discerning His purpose and will for your life. Modus Operandi, Latin for “mode of operation” refers to the way God works; how He operates. When you know the ways of God, meaning the template on which He restricts Himself, you begin to put the pieces of reality together and understand His workings. 
Then you can begin  to really understand how God works and begin to make serious spiritual impact.
It’s been said that the problem with human life isn’t that it makes perfect sense or even that it doesn’t make sense at all; it’s that it almost makes sense.  With the conflicting factors of grace and mercy, free will and the effects of the Fall…how life should be and how we think life should be always miss the mark of how life actually is.
Most People Are Confused by God and by Life.  Here’s Why.
Unless you know the ways of God (Psalm 95:10) and not just see His works or actions– you’ll constantly be confused by life.  And… confused by God, too. 
God’s ways are evidenced by His actions, but His ways are more than merely His actions. God’s actions evidence His character and framework of operations, but His actions are not the equivalent of His ways.
God never intended for us to live in fear and doubt, feeling pressured to make a decision or postponing until the moment of opportunity is passed.  That’s not what He intended… but that’s how many people choose to live– be it due to ignorance or deliberately.  In truth, God intended that His followers would be able distinguish between God’s voice, their own voice, and the voice of Satan. Discernment in this takes time getting to know God and developing knowledge of God’s Word and how God works.
This series will address God’s ways before addressing how to hear and discern God’s will. Understanding God’s ways and how He works is foundational to being able to discern His will for your life.
Are you ready to better understand God?  Good.  Let’s roll.

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  1. “God’s actions evidence His character and framework of operations, but His actions are not the equivalent of His ways.” Understanding his character… so key! Don’t you think also, that so many people are confused by his “ways” because they don’t know his “character” (I just wrote a paper on this!).. and God’s actions and activity are always in line with His character. Thanks for the blog!

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