God's Modus Operandi (Part 3 of 5)

Last week, we looked at three keys to understanding how God works. We learned that God has a plan for your life and for mine and that He can and wants to work in your life.
This week, we’ll discuss four further keys which are also necessary to understand God’s will.
First, sin can keep you from discerning God’s will for your life. Sin distorts the mind and psyche.  It affects all parts of your soul and spirit. Spiritually, your spirit grieves or quenches the Holy Spirit when in sin (Ephesians 4:30).
Your soul, made up of your mind, will, and emotions, is also deeply affected by sin. Your thinking is messed up because it has been conformed to the world and not transformed by the work and will of God (Romans 12:2). Your will is bent on choosing something other than God’s will. Your emotions have loyalties to your own will and to your own pleasure and are influenced by the sensations of the body.
Sin keeps you from discernment.  Until you get rid of it, you can’t be sure about God’s direction most of the time.
Second, part of God’s will is absolute and part of it is conditional. Salvation is absolute. If you’re saved, God will keep you and has determined that He will do what’s necessary to clean up your life (Romans 8:30; Philippians 1:6). God has open this door which no man can shut. If God wants it to come to pass, Heaven and Hell have to stand down at His authority (Revelation 3:7-8).
You’re not entitled to anything: a great job, a happy marriage, healthy kids, financial independence, etc., none of it is promised to you.  Don’t expect a spiritual handout.  Work as if it all depends on you; pray as if it all depends on God– and trust Him for the results.
Third, if you don’t follow God’s will, someone else surely will and they’ll receive what God intended for you. Just look at the life of Moses. When Moses disobeyed, Joshua received the blessing of leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. The Parable of the Talents also shows this (Matthew 25:14ff). He who has much, even more will be given.
There are no passes.  Obedience is what He blesses.  I don’t want the blessings of God to pass me by because of unfaithfulness on my part.  That would be too painful.
It’s been said that there are stockpiled riches in Heaven that are unclaimed blessings that are left behind because of Christians’ unfaithfulness.  Don’t let it be said of you.
Fourth, those faithful with the opportunities God gives them will receive grater blessings in the future. In Mathew 25, we see that God’s blessings pile up, they don’t get exhausted. What God is saying about His blessings: “There’s PLENTY more where that came from.”
He who is faithful in little will be made faithful in much… greater responsibilities and greater privileges (Luke 16:10-12).  It’s your choice– will you choose to be responsible with what little or much you have?  Most people are content to be a daddy’s boy.  Don’t live on your parents’ prestige.
God intends blessing for you, but sin often distorts our perception of God’s working. If we fail to follow God’s will, He will bless others instead. Understanding God’s good intentions for you as well as His command that you follow His will are mandatory to hearing His voice and hearing His will for your life.
Next week, we’ll look at three final keys to understanding how God works. These ten keys total are the foundation to knowing God’s will. Grasping these keys will show how God works in your life to reveal His will for you.

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  1. Thank you, Freddy. This series is GREAT. You have such a way of sharing your thoughts that makes everything clear and funny.

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