God's Modus Operandi (Part 5 of 5)

God reveals His will to us in several different ways. We need not be confused about hearing His voice, as it comes through several different avenues.
I’ve spent four weeks building a foundation for how to know God’s will, focusing on ten keys to understand how God works in our lives and in the world. This week, I’ll conclude this series in talking about how we can hear God’s voice.
We must learn how to see God at work if we are to cooperate with His will. God isn’t illogical. He generally, most of the time, works within our realm of understanding. When you’re trying to discern God’s will, use your brain. THINK. Use pro-con lists. Study. Read. Think deeply. Meditate. Put two and two together. God can also speak through your five senses. What you see may be what He wants you to know. What you hear may be what He is telling you to do. The senses send data to the heart and mind and through those stimuli, God often speaks to us by allowing our minds and consciences to react and give us important feedback.
God can also speak through our intuition and instincts. At times, you may just have an inner awareness, an inner knowing, that resonates and gives you the needed impression of what to do. Your intuition and instincts should not be your first consideration. Don’t live and make all decisions based on feelings, because they can be unreliable. Your conscience is another internal guiding system Go can speak through. You conscience is not the same as the Holy Spirit’s guidance, because it can be corrupted or seared. Still, God can use it in the lives of Christians and non-Christians.
Outside of yourself, God also speaks through other Christians and through His Word. God may send a message through your pastor, the counsel of others, and messages or sermons. Most of us disregard these sources and don’t listen very well. Consistent study of the Bible finds its way into our thinking patterns and Truth regenerates and renews he mind day by day. The Bible may not have one specific verse that peaks directly on every issue of life, but over time you will develop Godly wisdom. You must UNDERSTAND His Word properly AND apply it properly.  Tagging Bible verses on your decisions and baptizing your actions isn’t what I’m talking about.  It’s being responsible with scriptural truth (2 Timothy 3:16).
Finally, God speaks through the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit and can use the consequences of your actions to teach you. The Holy Spirit’s voice may not wave a huge banner in your face, but you can still hear it through prayer and through silence. Consequences are the last in this list because they are the method of God speaking to look to last. Satan can also influence circumstances, so looking at these external things can be very unreliable.

So…what do you need to do differently so that God can work greater things in your life?

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