Episode 025, Fighting the Great Battles of Our Time, Part 1 of 3

The world rages with tremendous challenges being faced globally and personally.  The challenges of our world need to be identified and understood, then addressed.  This episode, Fighting the Great Battles of Our Time, is part of a 3 part series dealing with an explanation of these things from an evangelical Christian perspective.
In this episode, we will unpack 5 of the great global challenges facing our world.  From the challenges of potable water and edible food, to the energy crisis, and much more, we will think together about these matters and how we can be a part of doing something rather than nothing to address them.
Come with me on this intellectual journey and after hearing my perspective, determine your own, then share your ideas with others. Check out my other episodes of FREDTalks at http://fredtalks.libsyn.com.
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