Articulate Presenter

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Articulate Presenter

Articulate Presenter transforms PowerPoint presentations into flash video. By affixing audio, video and enhanced graphics to PowerPoint presentations Articulate Presenter provides users an edge over single-frame presentations. Flash video presentations increase product communicability for viewers. Articulate Presenter allows for interactive branching scenarios dependent upon viewer input. PowerPoint presentations are empowered through Articulate Presenter’s simple to use interface giving clients a necessary advantage in today’s competitive environment.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
Articulate Presenter is available free for a 30-day trial period at Customers can purchase Articulate Presenter for about $799 at For a limited time the software can be purchased at a discounted rate of about $699. Upon purchase customers can download Articulate Presenter directly from the product website. No physical software is available for order.
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Articulate Presenter allows for professors and students to enhance presentations for increased effectiveness


  • Professors can increase classroom interaction by improving lecture presentations


  • Professors can reinforce content through branching scenario features that encourage student participation


  • Recorded audio and video allows professors or students to incorporate pre-recorded elucidation from themselves or outside voices to reinforce lecture agenda


  • Embedded websites in presentations offers students and professors avenues to incorporate various material from the internet


  • Branching scenarios provide avenues for testing and collective exploration


  • Articulate Presenter’s intuitive design allows for students and professors with varying degrees of computer competency to sharpen their presentations for impact

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Animoto Edu

Animoto Edu is a web tool that works to automatically generate videos using music, images, video clips, and text. Geared toward the classroom, Animoto Edu is an online service allowing users to upload pictures and video segments together with text, then select music and special effects to create a unique way of presenting information in any educational setting. The core of Animoto’s distinctive features is what it calls its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology, which analyzes the user materials and develops a finished product for the user, so that every Animoto production is totally unique, geared toward the individual user’s material. Animoto has cleared copyright for the music selected at its site. With YouTube and others recently sharply applying copyright law and disabling infringing videos, Animoto’s copyright satisfaction is a helpful step.
In the visual world of the 21st century, Animoto offers educators and students easy access to professional-like productions, so that the expectation for precision and quality can be met with minimal effort.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
Animoto Edu is a free resource that anticipates teacher and student use. An application for free educational use can be accessed at With the educational use account, the music license feature with access to 1000+ tracks is available. For those who would not qualify for the free educational use, there is a free trial, Animoto Lite, that allows for unlimited 30 second videos. For about $30 a year, Animoto Plus offers unlimited full-length videos. For Animoto Pro, you have access to the music license feature described above with several other features, at about $249 a year. If applicable, Animoto offers a free Plus account to charitable/non-profit organizations.
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Embed an Animoto video into the school website for access and use.


  • Create unique videos for teaching components of lectures.


  • Use crafted videos for introduction of case study analysis in class.


  • Use Animoto to deliver lecture materials in a format accessible at any time by students, freeing up class-time for interactive discussion of materials that cover the homework.


  • Feature student work, including music, photos, and written material, in unique ways to increase confidence and encourage creativity.


  • With the Education Account, students are able to access Animoto for developing their own videos. And so, assignments can be as varied as both teacher and student can envision Animoto’s capabilities.


  • Students who shy away from presentations will be able to rely on Animoto to create support materials, bolstering student’s courage.


  • The teacher and student can use Animoto presentations to grab attention or encourage empathy for an issue or circumstance.


  • The teacher can use an Animoto video to remind students, humorous or otherwise, of due dates for assignments.


  • Animoto offers educators individualized teaching aids for the classroom. For example, an educator could take a Hebrew term and describe its meaning, usage, historical context and other in a way the professor considers ideal (because he/she created it).

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Adobe Connect

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Adobe® Connect™

Adobe Connect is a high-end video conferencing solution designed for businesses and institutions. It offers a full array of options and features and can be used from any computer or mobile device with Adobe Flash installed. Meetings may be held with audio only, video feed from the host only, video feeds from all participants, and other combinations of feeds. Adobe Connect is capable of creating breakout rooms which allow the administrator to break the participants into smaller groups for collaboration. Additionally, meetings may be recorded for future viewing. Real time captioning is available for deaf users.
Locating or Acquiring this Resource
Information regarding Adobe Connect may be found at There are several options for purchasing Adobe Connect, including annual, monthly, and pay-per-use plans. Pricing discounts for educational institutions are reached at 888-649-2990.
Using this Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Adobe Connect can be used to emulate a traditional class room setting. The live video feeds from the instructor as well as the students allow the participants to interact in almost all of the same ways that they can in the class room. The lecture is live and the interaction between the instructor and the students is live. Adobe Connect is scalable and allows for even large classes to meet in the cloud.
  • Adobe Connect can also emulate small group breakout sessions. During the class time, an instructor can break the class into small groups for discussions and collaboration. Those small groups can then be brought back into a larger group for presentations of the results of their breakout session.
  • There are whiteboard and file sharing features which further enhance the classroom emulation.
  • Real time collaboration for group projects can also be facilitated by Adobe Connect. Students can collaborate with their group members in live discussions with the quality of communication that can only come with both visual and audio contact.

Guest lecturers can be brought into a traditional classroom without the time and expense of having the lecturer come in person.
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Accordance Bible Software Overview

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Accordance Bible Software

Accordance is a Bible software program that emphasizes the ability to search the biblical (and extra-biblical) texts. Accordance features an interface that allows users to view multiple translations/texts side by side. Users can also build an “e-library” of Accordance-compatible reference works that can be read directly on Accordance, side by side with biblical texts. Some of these reference works include interactive Bible atlases, timelines, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, and commentaries. One signature feature of Accordance is the Greek and Hebrew “construct.” The construct window allows users to search complex grammatical constructions, using graphs and charts.

Locating or Acquiring this Resource

Accordance can be purchased online at Currently, the most basic Accordance package can be purchased for a reasonable price. The basic package includes Accordance along with a starter collection of various reference tools. Moreover, many Christian stores, including on-campus bookstores, also sell Accordance. In any case, before purchasing, it must be noted that Accordance was originally designed to run on Macs.  For some older versions, PC users may need a Mac emulator to run Accordance.
Using this Resource in Academic Teaching
There are various ways in which Accordance can be useful for teaching and enhancing effective student learning both in and outside the classroom:

  • Professors who teach intermediate or advanced Greek or Hebrew can illustrate real examples of complex grammatical concepts (e.g., Granville-Sharp) all in one convenient window.


  • Accordance is invaluable for exegesis of the biblical text. The kinds of searches that can be performed on Accordance are limited only to one’s own creativity. It can be as simple as searching the occurrences of a particular Hebrew word or activating a list of every optative verb in the New Testament. The searches can also be refined—narrowed or broadened—through the use of Boolean phrases. For example, one can broaden their search from every optative verb in the New Testament to every optative verb and every imperative.


  • For people who do not mind reading extensively on a computer screen, Accordance allows students and professors to purchase Accordance-compatible reference tools (e.g., commentaries), usually at significantly cheaper prices than their paper counterparts.


  • Accordance provides a convenient means for projecting the biblical text for a classroom lecture or seminar. Not only can professors project the biblical text using Accordance, they can also demonstrate on a projected screen how computerized searches of the biblical text can enhance exegesis and exposition.


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