Advancing Your Academic Career Through Blogging

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Advancing Your Academic Career Through Blogging

Blogging is a media of enormous influence today, but one that is frequently neglected by academics and would-be professors.  This is largely due to the fact that it is sometimes deemed “not scholarly,” but that is a short-sighted view of one of the world’s most influential media.  Instead, one might consider that however scholarly an academic journal may be, what it boasts in terms of erudite academic credentials, it lacks in popular appeal.  The opposite is often true for blogging.
But rather than taking the bait of the false-dichotomy of the “either/or” fallacy (EITHER blogging OR journal articles), why not do both?  Blogging is a way for a person moving to higher education to gain a following.  This credibility converts into having influence over potential students and to public credibility, both of which universities and other institutions want.  For this reason, we shouldn’t neglect nor underestimate the value of blogging as a way to enhance our attractiveness as an academic candidate.
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Image Courtesy of KristinaB on Flickr

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