Juggernaut Status (In Your Quest for an Academic Career)

Photo Courtesy of Marine Corps on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/marine_corps/15038063844/in/photolist-oUS1sQ-nQcCih-9wq8aK-6HvMZt-pjQGrR-7RANui-e5Zx7W-6HvMTk-nxMg1X-e82kut-9vS8kn-6TQMqr-7PMjuR-eKeno4-bGJTrX-hdz7ao-e5TTn4-ft51zg-pv1ocJ-bF8HC4-e5TTjp-dg9o2M-XNKHu-c7txx7-4Cw2wD-e5Zx6Q-e5Zxcw-a81T5x-e5TTCR-e5TTgR-a84Kuw-dg9DeF-dg93pn-dg95mN-dx1FvH-fT7fAM-ftjmFA-dg9rdt-dg9sRS-e5Zx8m-9KchKT-rwhzw7-9seMJJ-a1KbFE-e5TT9R-9pxHXt-bGetGa-6HzRkm-a1K9cj-a1Jufm
Juggernaut Status
Staying focused during the academic job search can be challenging.  Lots of things vie for one’s attention, and this can distract even the most committed scholar. For this reason, the successful candidate needs to stay connected to their career vision. He or she also needs to look within and find the vitality to maintain the intensity required for the sometimes challenging search process. The essence of this is described in this video on developing Juggernaut Status.
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Photo Courtesy of Marine Corps on Flickr

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