Announcing Our (Free) Academic Career Preparation Gratis Course

Gratis 30 Video Session Academic Career Course

Picture Yourself in a Full-Time Academic Career

That’s where your success begins– with your dream. 

Everyone in higher education today started with the dream of moving into academia.

Perhaps you were told that you don’t have much of a chance in higher education because of the fact that the academic job market is so challenging.  Ironically, every professor who gives that advice has, him-or-herself, landed an academic job.

We ask– “If they can… why can’t you?”

To help you get the needed mindsets and to begin the academic career-equipping process, we are offering a free 30 session video curriculum on Academii.  Here’s what to expect:
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Academii Gratis Course

Academii Gratis is a fast-paced 30 session Academii video curriculum series. The Gratis Membership is free simply for enrolling! Gratis serves an introduction to the Academii Community. Each person is welcome and encouraged to invite other scholars into the community of learning.  Feel free to share this Gratis course with other scholars and academic program leaders who may be interested.

Sample Video Sessions in our Gratis Series


  • Think Now, Not Later, About Your Academic Career (Module 1 | Session 1)
  • Thinking About Types of Institutions (Module 1 | Session 2)
  • It’s Not Just About What or Who You Know (Module 1 | Session 3)
  • The Importance of Academic Societies (Module 1 | Session 4)
  • Building Your Academic Social Network (Module 1 | Session 5)
  • Doing Something Not Nothing (Module 1 | Session 6)
  • Understanding What You’re Up Against (Module 1 | Session 7)


See all 30 sessions and get started


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