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The Spirit-Driven Leader: Seven Keys to Succeeding Under Pressure by Carnegie Samuel Calian
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Carnegie Calian served for years at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (Reformed Tradition seminary), which is an organization that was instituted back in 1794 (wow!).
The Spirit-Driven Leader: Seven Keys to Succeeding Under Pressure
Calian argues that wise people learn from not only from other people’s mistakes but also from their advice. Carnegie Samuel Calian draws upon over twenty-five years of successful leadership and management to give his best advice for leaders and followers in an organization to successfully deal with the conflicts that arise in an organization.
While his experience is largely based on his experience leading a seminary, his advice is to all organizations through a pastoral approach. The book expounds seven key values for leaders to cultivate in their organization. The first four values—creativity, competence, commitment, character—are to establish a leadership that inspires hope. The last three values—collegiality, compassion, and courage are ways that organizations can build community.
Calian gives seven key areas of leadership to master as a Christian leader, along with tips on how to do them:
1. Creativity
-See Solutions When Others See Barriers
-Cultivate Discernment in Evaluating Ideas
-Overcoming Self-Doubt: You’re Much Better Than You Think You Are
-Recognize and Practice Your Natural Gifts
3. Commitment
-Consider Leadership and ‘Followship’ as Spiritual Callings
-Dedicate Yourself to Your Primary Life Mission
-Nurture Your Passion
4. Character
-Trust Must Be Earned
-Sensitivity to Human Needs
-Credibility: Confidence With Humility
5. Collegiality
-Affirm Others’ Strengths
-Building Consensus
6. Compassion
-Apply the Golden Rule (regard individuals as persons and not means)
-Practice Dignity Without Dependence
7. Courage
-Step Up and Be Accountable
-Remember that Leadership Can Be Lonely
-Overcome Obstacles and Disappointment
These seven principles are essentials in Christian leadership and are touchstones for high performance people everywhere.

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