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Podcast Seminary offers audio-based biblical and theological courses where learners listen alone at their own pace or study with others in an exciting online learning community. Podcast Seminary features guided interactive discussion forums on weekly course content and helpful digital resources in a members-only online community. Podcast Seminary is ideal for growing and mature Christians, Bible teachers, and ministry leaders wanting to be equipped with a more comprehensive and systematic approach to developing their biblical knowledge and deepening their theological understanding.


Podcast Seminary provides substantial spiritual food to Christians hungry for God’s Word. It is a fun and meaningful learning experience designed to help you build a more comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and Christian Theology. It is meant to quickly broaden your awareness and deepen your understanding of a wide range of Christian subjects. This is done by exposing you to condensed versions of content typically covered in full-time seminary degree programs.
Podcast Seminary educates, edifies, equips, and encourages Christian learners, regardless of their level of educational training or spiritual maturity. Podcast Seminary fosters an environment of inquiry and discovery. It is thought-provoking but non-threatening. It’s academic but accessible. It’s fun but not frivolous. It’s non-accredited but achievement-based.


In the New Testament Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul spoke of the importance of his teaching “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). In doing so, Paul was communicating the absolute importance of teachers helping disciples become fully informed about divine truth and the Word of God. One of the great challenges within today’s Christian churches is the growing problem of biblical illiteracy. Similar to that is the related issue of many Christian’s general ignorance of the biblical worldview.
What does this mean, and why does it matter? This means that many Christians are not fully equipped when it comes to knowing the Word of God and, as a result, the Will of God (Romans 12:2). The result is that believers often live without the confidence, courage, and convictions they need to be “more than conquerors” as the Bible promises we can become (Romans 8:31-39). Ultimately, this problem leads to less-fulfilled lives, avoidable mistakes, and a lack of spiritual legacy by many believers. Podcast Seminary is built to address these common problems in discipleship.

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Podcast Seminary curriculum provides comprehensive, systematic, and on-going training that covers both the breadth and depth of Christian truth. Podcast Seminary covers a broad area of curriculum comprised of nine key areas. These areas represent the areas of knowledge that comprise a Christian worldview. When a person understands these areas, he or she is able to live with more spiritual power, with increased confidence, and with greater joy.
As you take your first course in one of the following nine areas, you’ll begin to understand how important it is to develop thought structures, theological perspectives, and familiarity with the many areas of truth. Before long, you’ll begin to have a working knowledge of all the key areas important to understanding how life works. We encourage you to continue to build your mind through the content and learning available through Podcast Seminary. Below are nine areas all Christians should study for more comprehensive discipleship.



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Understand Yourself Like a Clinical Psychologist: Power and Persona

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Power and Persona
Image by Ryan McGuire, courtesy Gratisography


How Well Do You Know Yourself?

It’s time to get your “shrink” on.

Shrink is a common, sometimes pejorative term, for psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors.  The term shrink comes from “head shrinker” which apparently developed in Hollywood, California (about 40 miles from where I’m sitting) sometime in the 1940s. 

A “head shrinker” was someone who helped you eliminate feelings of personal grandeur and greatness by telling you EXACTLY what is wrong with you.  Later shortened to simply “shrink” the term stuck… and many people now call counselors by that term.

So shrinks are counselors, in a manner of speaking. 

Counselors are typically equipped in the fields of either psychology or psychiatry. Psychiatry is more deeply based in the medical field (meaning psychiatrists can prescribe medications) while psychology is more based in the social or behavioral sciences.

Psychology is the ‘Science’ of Behavior

Psychologists and Psychiatrists seek to understand you and your motivations, and how motivations affect your behavior.  If successful, people can have more self-awareness and begin to move toward wholeness.  And that all begins with “knowing thyself” as the ancient philosopher Plato said.
PLATO Know Thyself

Knowing ourselves has to do with our sense of identity. 

The cultivation of a person’s identity, cumulatively~ over time, results in the formation of one’s persona. This persona is the fundamental basis from which someone thinks, feels, and acts (lives).

For this reason, an impaired personality (viz., a dysfunctional person) remains necessarily and existentially ‘lost.’ And until that person can find himself, he/she remains incapable of being truly happy, healthy, whole, and holy.


People Who Haven’t Found Themselves are “Lost” Emotionally and In Their Own Identity.  People Who Haven’t Been Found by God are “Lost” Spiritually.

This leads to the pitiful phenomena of a person being estranged within his own existence. This possibility may sound strange but is, I believe, a common reality for a portion of our society, Christian or not.

The Haunted Self

But the one who has plumbed the depths of his haunted self, when guided into the light of selfhood by the truth of God’s Word & Spirit (Rom 12:3), ultimately finds himself.
Finding oneself is progressive– it can’t happen all at once.  

That’s because our human nature is like an onion, wrapped or encased in layers upon layers of thoughts, ideas, reflections, self-evaluations, motives, feelings, and the like.

But if and when a person does the hard work of sorting through his or her soul, they ultimately gain the grace of finding themselves. 
This liberating reality infuses such a person with a profound sense of identity. It is this (and only this) transformed individual who is able to shrug off the insecurities and limitations of the empty self to finally begin to become all that God has made him to be.

Becoming a Person of Power and Presence

Show me a person like this, and I will show you a man or woman of profound power and personal presence.

This is where God wants to transport all believers, but most are seemingly too fearful of their haunted and misunderstood humanity or are too in love with the illusion of godless liberation to ever be truly liberated.
Don’t let that be said of you.  Do the work of seeking and finding who you are by discovering who God made you to be.  Then you’ll be free… liberated!
“For where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” 2 Corinthians 3:17


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Changing Your Profile Picture or “Gravatar Image.”

Many websites on the Internet use a universal service called the “Globally Recognized Avatar” when creating a Profile Picture for you on the world wide web. An avatar is your online altar ego, something that identifies you online. Sometimes people want anonymity online, but at other times they want to be known. On our website, we hope people will want to be known, seen, and heard! For this reason, we’ve created a short tutorial on how to change your profile picture or gravatar image. Watch, then make that change– so your profile will be visible when using your login email on websites that use gravatars, including this website. Note: Click the bottom right of the video below for a full screen view.