Is It OK TO Ask Hard Questions About Faith? ("Can I Ask That?" Video Series)

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Can I Ask That? Series

Is It OK TO Ask Hard Questions About Faith?

“Can I Ask That?” Video Series: Session 1 of 7

Is It OK TO Ask Hard Questions About Faith?
Life can be confusing. There are times that life doesn’t make sense. Even people who’ve walked with God for decades, people with a truly intimate spiritual relationship, confront situations and circumstances that plague them and that shake their faith down to its very foundations.
If that’s you— meaning, if YOU sometimes have questions, uncertainty, and even doubts, you’re normal.
What’s one good reason that it’s OK to ask hard questions? BECAUSE , in the Bible, we learn that both skeptics, and the greatest men and women in the history of faith asked really, really hard questions.
These include Pilate, Nicodemus, David, Mary, the Apostle Peter, Job, a Philippian jailer, and even Jesus Himself!
So I think it’s plain to see—not only is asking hard questions OK. When you do so, you’re in good company. People who ask hard questions show they’re seeking faith that is GENUINE.
So not only is it OK to ask hard questions… it’s necessary. We must. Not asking hard questions is a sign of cowardice. Not asking hard questions about your faith implies that it is flimsy, rather than indestructible.
Asking questions about faith doesn’t make you weak. It shows you’re strong.

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