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God is here. There. Everywhere.

God is an eternal being. And with Him, everything is ‘present tense’ in the sense that He is not bound to the limits of earthly chronological time.
God is not subject to time and space. God is not “in” time, but created it. He stands outside of time, which is why He is called the “Ancient of Days”— so God is a Being who cannot age, but is Ageless.
Lots of life’s challenges threaten us because there are things happening in other places or in the future—or that even happened in the past—that we were not able to control.
God sees everything in present tense—past, present, and future. God is in each of these places, in every square inch of reality, which should give us complete confidence and security.
A basic truth about God’s being everywhere all the time (omni-present) is the dual truth of what is called “transcendence-immanence.” Saying that God is transcendent means he is other worldly and outside time. But God is also Immanent—with us, and everyone, intimately, now and at all times. The wonder and beauty of this truth rests in the fact that, in our personal dilemmas and need, God is with us and able to help—if we call on Him.
These and other truths await in this important discussion on God’s nature. Watch to learn more!


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