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Academii offers comprehensive resources for scholars wanting a career in teaching or academic administration.

Until now, few resources existed.  There has been little help for those transitioning from academic preparation to an academic vocation.  And while education is valuable for “learning” itself, most who earn a doctorate have aspirations for a career in higher ed.

But earning a doctorate, ironically, isn’t enough.

It seems counter-intuitive to say, but it’s true.  After all, every professor and each doctoral student knows graduates who are incredibly bright… yet, unemployed.  This shouldn’t be. 
But facts are facts. 

How The Academic Job Crisis Developed

One asks, how did this crisis develop?  The answer is simple.
The Information Age led to the Digital Age.  These forces led to a surge of human innovation, which produced an enormous need for a global labor force.  Highly-skilled workers began to be required in every field of endeavor.  This led to record enrollments in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs as both traditional and non-traditional adult learners flocked into classrooms.
The result has been an increased and ongoing demand for professors in every academic discipline.
In response, academic leaders everywhere sought to meet these needs.  They encouraged their brightest students to consider careers in higher education.  As large numbers of students entered doctoral programs, the cost of education continued to rise.  The world’s economies also struggled, as they sought to compete in a new digital world where all the rules had changed.  The result has been a revenue shortfall in many institutions across the United States and around the world.

Fewer Faculty Contracts

Today, funding liabilities in college and university budgets have resulted in fewer faculty contracts.

The inability to hire adequate numbers of faculty has produced a glut of terminal-degree holding graduates who struggle to find academic jobs

The Dean of Academii recognized this need and responded.  Having successfully provided formal and non-formal equipping to doctoral students and degree-holding scholars over the years, the global need has only increased.
The availability of robust digital tools has developed to the degree that an academic job preparation service can be produced at scale. Academii has responded by providing a generous amount of free resources to all, as well as premium resources to scholars who refuse to leave their future careers to chance.

Education is Costly

Today, doctoral program costs commonly range from $100,000-200,000, minus any financial support students receive.  Students typically invest small fortunes in their degrees, but nothing in their career.  As a result, graduates tend to be equipped educationally but not vocationally.  The result is usually a degree without a job: educated but unemployed.
Academii wants to change all that.   We invite you to take advantage of all the many resources we offer to help you beat the odds.  We believe in you!  Now believe in yourself, and act.
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