Academii Career Program

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The Academii Career Program is the gold standard of academic career preparation.
It is a complete ecosystem designed to nurture aspiring scholars into bona-fide academic leaders.  Those who successfully complete this series of courses are professionally-poised and vocationally-prepared for a lifelong career in higher education.  The value of the Academii Program is in its uniqueness.  There is simply no other program quite like it. 
Career Program Overview

  • Tw0-year curriculum (graduation requires six sequential trimesters to complete)
  • Year-round, trimester system (ongoing program, organized into 16-week trimesters)
  • Each 16-week trimester is organized into four separate month-long courses
  • Each month-long course is focused on a specific area of academic career preparation
  • Each month-long course results in a practical tool or career skill-set

Career Program Features

  • Expanded content provided in our Academii webinars and courses
  • Supplemental materials including documents, audio, and video resources
  • Interactive and collaborative workshop format
  • Weekly “Career To Do” items to complete the monthly theme
  • On-going discussion forums on monthly course themes
  • Weekly peer-scholar interaction and Academii faculty involvement
  • Regular encouragement from Academii faculty through member’s only interaction
  • Academii espirit de corps– the loyalty, enthusiasm, and devotion of fellow program members, as each person reaches for their dreams in a dynamic, supportive environment

Academii Monthly Program Overview
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Enrolling in the Career Program

Academii is ideal for anyone seeking an academic position in teaching or administration.  Such positions are both desirable and rare, with candidates often taking (literally) years to secure such positions.  For this reason, the time to begin preparing for one’s future career is now. Following are considerations for Academii enrollment:

  • Advice for those wishing to search for an academic position upon the completion of doctoral coursework or during the dissertation phase: Enroll in the Academii Career Program at or near the beginning of your doctoral program.  Delaying career preparation only “delays your career preparation.”
  • Advice for those wishing to search for an academic position after dissertation completion: Enroll in the Academii Career Program at or near the beginning of your dissertation proposal or prospectus.   Delaying until the end of your dissertation will likely place you in the position of having a degree in hand without any academic job prospects.
  • Advice for those who have already graduated their doctoral program and are seeking or preparing to seek academic employment: First complete our free “Gratis” Video Course, a 30-session series that will encourage and inspire you to action.  Then consider taking a relevant Academii Webinar (such as the Curriculum Vitae Webinar) or one of our many 4-week intensive Academii Courses, then enroll immediately in the Academii Career Program.

Curriculum Overview


Year/Term          (Class) Curriculum Career Outcome
Year 1/Trimester 1          (101)  Career Calling Career Declaration Statement
Year 1/Trimester 1          (102)  Curriculum Vitae (CV) Academic CV
Year 1/Trimester 1          (103)  Curriculum Vita Packet CV Supporting Documents
Year 1/Trimester 1          (104)  Institutional Fit Research Wiki
Year 1/Trimester 2          (201)  Philosophy of Education Philosophy Statement
Year 1/Trimester 2          (202)  Philosophy of Teaching Teaching Statement
Year 1/Trimester 2          (203)  Career Media Kit Digital Media Kit
Year 1/Trimester 2          (204)  Academic Credibility Publications/Memberships
Year 1/Trimester 3          (301)  Web Presence Digital ePortfolio
Year 1/Trimester 3          (302)  Media Presence Digital Media Resources
Year 1/Trimester 3          (303)  Social Media Masterplan Social Media Strategy
Year 1/Trimester 3          (304)  Networking Academic/Professional Network
Year 2/Trimester 4          (401)  Academic Career Planning Academic Search Strategy
Year 2/Trimester 4          (402)  Academic Applications Completed Application
Year 2/Trimester 4          (403)  Academic Interviews Interview Simulation
Year 2/Trimester 4          (404)  Contracts and Negotiations 90 Day Launch Plan
Year 2/Trimester 5          (501)  Course Planning Course Design Masterplan
Year 2/Trimester 5          (502)  Syllabi and Rubrics Completed Course Syllabus
Year 2/Trimester 5          (503) Course Management Systems CMS Screencast Video
Year 2/Trimester 5          (504)  Online Teaching Online Competencies
Year 2/Trimester 6          (601)  Presentation Software Digital Presentations
Year 2/Trimester 6          (602)  Digital Research Tools Research Infographic
Year 2/Trimester 6          (603)  Educational Technology White Papers
Year 2/Trimester 6          (604) Rich Media Overview Video Blogs

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Career Program FAQs
“What is the difference between semesters and trimesters?”  Semesters and Trimesters both last approximately 16 weeks, but semester systems are based on students taking two academic terms of classes, with summers typically being taken off.  Trimesters are necessarily three-academic term years where not two, but three 16 week terms are offered, with students taking courses year round.  This ensures that students complete the program more quickly, without career delays, and without gaps in their training.
“I missed the beginning of the current trimester.  What options do I have?”  Trimesters last four months or 16 weeks, like the typical, with four different courses being offered each trimester.  For this reason, a person who begins after the trimester has begun has two options: Option 1 is to enter a cohort late and participate in the remaining content until the end of the term.  This option means choosing to miss some material presented prior to this time, but that may be better for some than waiting multiple weeks or months until the next academic term begins.  Option 2 is to wait for the new trimester to begin and, in the meantime, to take any upcoming courses or webinars that may cover some of the material being offered in the program trimester being missed.  Check our webinar and course schedules.
“How are Academii trimesters and scholars organized?” Academii is a six trimester curriculum.  It continues in sequence, from trimester 1 to trimester 6.  As such, the 24 individual courses in the Academii Career Program curriculum are offered in sequential order.  Scholars entering into a particular trimester are a part of that trimester’s cohort.  They carry through the program together with other cohort members until completion.
“I understand that Academii Career Program is year-round, but what if I cannot take courses year round?”  Scholars may choose to take a hiatus in the program after any Trimester.  The online nature and reasonable pace of the program is such that it is designed to flex with one’s schedule and travel, so if a student has time to complete tasks and has a solid Internet connection, ongoing year-round enrollment is possible and ideal.
“If I take a trimester away, can I begin where I left off in the program?”  Multiple program cohorts are planned to run concurrently, with each cohort covering different parts of the curriculum.The Academii Career Program schedule is based on the logistics of enrollment and supply-demand.
“Are there audit options for Academii Career Program where I get the content but do not participate in the exercises and peer engagement?”  No.  The strength of the Academii program is the cohort model.  Research has shown it to be an effective method of helping with program retention and completion, and it is in the best interests of our scholars for them to be engaged and to complete the program, along with producing each of the resources planned in our course modules.
“Are there special rates or scholarships?”  From time to time certain tuition discount coupons or partial scholarships may be offered to scholars participating in our webinars, courses, or for our blog readers. In addition, there may be discount codes offered occasionally to those who listen to our Academii Podcast, FredX Podcast, or other Soapbox.Network podcasts.  The real costs and enormous time of providing this resource is such that the full Academii Career Program simply cannot be offered pro-bono.  We are, however, glad to provide a great many valuable and free items that include our exciting Gratis video course, free Academii Blog, free Academii and FredX podcasts, and Academii Library, in addition to other Soapbox.Network resources.
Academii is not a “career placement” program.  Due to the autonomy of individual institutions, no known such program exists in higher education.  Nor is Academii a recruitment agency or search firm.  Academii may, however, refer or provide references on behalf of scholars to institutions that inquire.  Finally, due to many factors outside its control, Academii cannot guarantee future academic employment to any participant, though our leadership and this curriculum has consistently provided varying levels of vocational success for program participants.

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