Album Covers of Our First 20 Podcast Seminary Episodes

Blog Header New 2017 July large logo40 transparency x 1140We’re excited about how well our 3-month old podcast has been received. This is a special thank you for the more than 6000 downloads our podcast has received in only the first 3 months.

Podcast Seminary Stats for First Three Months, 2017

Here you’ll see the covers of each of the first 20 episodes. You can click it and link to our new podcast page OR go below and see our new audio courses that we think are the cat’s meow. Thank you for your support of Podcast Seminary as we help people grow in their faith and relationship with God.
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First 20 Podcast Seminary Episodes, 1600 x 2950 Best

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7 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge of God (Podcast E005)

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Knowing God is mysterious, but God hasn’t left us in the dark about how to increase our knowledge and experience of Him.
In this episode, Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, identifies 7 key ways to increase your knowledge of God. These are seven accessible and actionable principles you can put into action immediately. They include mindsets, practices,
We know God by being intentional
We know God by being curious
We know God by being open
We know God by being deliberate in our learning
We know God by being consistent in learning
We know God by being discriminating in what we learn
We know God by being obedient to what we learn
So these are 7 sure ways to increase your knowledge of God.
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What is a Study Bible? (Video)

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What is a Study Bible? Aren’t all Bibles just, well, Bibles?
Not exactly. There are five types of Bibles, as we have been learning in this seven-part series on the Podcast Seminary vlog on our YouTube Channel. View this video to learn more about the essentials of a Study Bible, then go view the entire series to learn all the details on the other Bible types. Then, if you like it– share it. And we’d appreciate your feedback or questions on the comments section below or on our YouTube Channel!

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