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America has been scandalized recently by a rash of unusual and unexpected events: A Charlottesville, Virginia terror incident and displays of hate that led to one dead protester and several injured. There was also a high number of public property damage incidents where various locations in the United States were defaced by people angry about the intention of certain US Monuments having a relationship (or even no relationship) to the Civil War.
Following these was a genuine outside threat to American sovereignty by a new terror strategy: the using of radicalized Islamist children, claiming to be American, who have been featured in ISIS propaganda videos.

Summary of Threat

Content Warning ISIS has stooped low before, by having radicalized children fight for the terror group, and to participate in terror by executing soldiers and others in the name of Allah. Content Warning

All of these challenges to America and the American Way of Life leads to an important question in our time:
What is required to be a good citizen?
What does it mean to be an American citizen? Meant for people of all our 25+ nations who currently listen to Podcast Seminary, this is a message targeted to Americans– but a discussion that all citizen Christians should ask. The question being posed in this podcast episode is simple: “Is there any legitimate expectation of citizenship that we should give and receive from our fellow countrymen?” There was a time not long ago that it was an expectation for all American citizens to show indications of loyalty to country. Now that is an open question. This issue is what we will discuss in this podcast, related to the reasonable and scriptural expectations of being a good citizen.


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Why We Should Enjoy the Ride of Life | Enjoy the Ride Series | 8 of 8 [VIDEO]

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Life has meaning, in spite of life’s challenges.

In the final episode of our Enjoy the Ride Series, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, Dean of Podcast Seminary, explores how Christianity is a counter-culture movement in today’s world.
In contrast to the existential mood of meaninglessness, Jesus presents hope and meaning, survival and significance, and His followers can live in the light of that glorious reality, allowing them to enjoy the ride, in spite of life’s challenges.

With the end to this series, enjoy other Podcast Seminary playlists and series, including our series on the Human Conscience, and others at

Why You 'Still' Feel Guilty (Watch Our Very First Facebook Live Video)

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It’s sad.

One of the saddest realities of human existence is the fact that so many people carry around the unbearable weight of guilt from past mistakes.
The existence of guilt is one of the primary reasons psychologists, counselors, therapists, physicians, pharmacists, and florists stay perpetually busy. People all around the world seek to assuage their guilt through so many things and yet, for the most part, people remain locked in the grip of either ‘guilt’ itself… or the toxins and captors that promised freedom from guilt.
Freedom from the pain of guilt is available to all, but receiving such freedom (emancipation, really) comes on God’s terms, not ours.
For a person, any person, who wants to truly be free… freedom awaits. But the process of being forgiven cannot be short-circuited, otherwise we remain in its suffocating grip.
Let’s explore what I believe are the six scriptural principles of freedom from guilt. And our failure to comply with these six biblical principles is “Why You (We, or I) Still Feel Guilty.”

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Enjoy the Ride Series | God is Good (All the Time) | Session 7 of 8 [VIDEO]

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Life Isn’t Always Easy.

Life sometimes throws situations our way that are threatening and sometimes even punishing. Life isn’t easy!
But in spite of the fact that there is evil in the world, God Himself is good.
This session talks about the theological principle of God’s goodness, also called His “Omnibenevolence.”
You’ll be challenged to think differently about your faith in God. Together we’ll see that rethinking what God is like can transform your entire life. Let’s do this!

God is Here. There. Everywhere. | Enjoy the Ride Series | Video 6 of 8

Podcast Seminary BannerGod is Here, There, Everywhere.

God is here. There. Everywhere.

God is an eternal being. And with Him, everything is ‘present tense’ in the sense that He is not bound to the limits of earthly chronological time.
God is not subject to time and space. God is not “in” time, but created it. He stands outside of time, which is why He is called the “Ancient of Days”— so God is a Being who cannot age, but is Ageless.
Lots of life’s challenges threaten us because there are things happening in other places or in the future—or that even happened in the past—that we were not able to control.
God sees everything in present tense—past, present, and future. God is in each of these places, in every square inch of reality, which should give us complete confidence and security.
A basic truth about God’s being everywhere all the time (omni-present) is the dual truth of what is called “transcendence-immanence.” Saying that God is transcendent means he is other worldly and outside time. But God is also Immanent—with us, and everyone, intimately, now and at all times. The wonder and beauty of this truth rests in the fact that, in our personal dilemmas and need, God is with us and able to help—if we call on Him.
These and other truths await in this important discussion on God’s nature. Watch to learn more!

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God Knows (Everything) | Enjoy the Ride Series | Video 5 of 8

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God knows… absolutely everything.

Because God is all-knowing, God’s knowledge is without limits and infinitely expansive. This is called “omniscience.” God knows everything actual and possible. God is never caught unawares or flat-footed. God has allowed human free will which can complicate life for us… but is incapable of thwarting God’s plan.
In this session we learn more about the great Mind of God and how His knowledge exploits evildoers and exalts good, working everything into His plan for us and our lives.
Life can be hard. But it’s made harder when we don’t know how God works. It’s time to get it right. Check out this critical discussion of the Knowledge of God.

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