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Why Join Us on Social Media?

Social Media helps us share the stories of our lives. Each has a unique purpose. We use some, but not others. But the ones we do use always become incredibly important to us– because they connect us to the information and the people we want in our lives.
Because we want to share both life and truth with you, we hope you’ll join us on your favorite social media. All of our accounts have one purpose: to help you grow in your faith. Check these out!

Our Facebook Friend Benefits

Facebook Social Media Facebook (learn more) is the world’s largest online community.  That’s where we can interact through conversations with other Podcast Seminary students and in personal discussions with the Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza.  You’ll get Podcast Seminary news updates, featured discipleship tools and resources, and inspiring notes including biblical insights and encouragement.  What’s more, we will be offering occasional Podcast Seminary “Live” events through Facebook Live throughout the year.  Click the Facebook icon to get started.  Then Like, Follow, and Share us!

Our Twitter Treasures

Twitter Account Twitter (learn more) is an ongoing global digital discussion about what is going on in life and on earth. Podcast Seminary uses Twitter to have an ongoing virtual conversation with our “Followers.”  In 140 characters at a time, we’ll share information with you, promote inspiring ideas, and keep you updated about just-released content.  In addition, we’ll provide Christian perspective about what’s going on in the world, to help equip you with truth from God’s Word. Wherever you and your mobile device goes, we’ll be there encouraging you along the way.  Click the icon and follow us on Twitter!

Our Instagram Perks

Instagram (learn more) is where Podcast Seminary will share informal bootleg images from inside the ministry, so you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how we provide resources that encourage you.  You’ll see short clips about Podcast Seminary and inspiring videos that strengthen your faith.  But most of all, you’ll see beautiful, breathtaking images that inform, inspire, and instruct you on a host of Christian issues that matter to you, and that build your biblical and Christian knowledge.  Are you ready for this?  Click the icon and let’s take the journey together.

Our YouTube Features

YouTube Social Media YouTube (learn more) is a video sharing platform where Podcast Seminary shares regular short and longer videos.  Through our many Playlists, you’ll get targeted video teaching on specific areas like Life, Bible, Theology, Formation, and so much more!  We feature teaching of the professor-pastor Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, straight from Studio C in Los Angeles.  You’ll also enjoy our suggested channels where we’ve provided you with a list of some of the most important discipleship channels on YouTube.  Go to our About page and you can even post questions for our Dean, who will record personal videos that will answer your biblical and spiritual questions.  Think of it as being digitally discipled via YouTube!  Come and see!

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