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DigitalDiscipler is a place to explore and grow in faith.

All humans are ‘spiritual’ beings. Even if we don’t think of ourselves that way. Because we’re spiritual beings, we naturally find ourselves thinking about ‘spiritual’ or existential things. Things like the meaning and purpose of life, truth, destiny, God, and our relationships with God and others. But “faith” can be misunderstood.

Faith isn’t one-dimensional.

Faith is a life-long journey along a spiritual continuum. And, depending on our choices and attitudes, we find ourselves at any number of places on the spiritual continuum. So whether you consider yourself a skeptic, seeker, spiritual, or saved person, this is the place for you! There’s something for everyone.

DigitalDiscipler helps you become all God has created you to be.

And to do that, we focus on faith, then discipleship and ministry. There are a number of helpful tools we’ve created on DigitalDiscipler to help you in these areas. To really understand what we do, and to get to know the DigitalDiscipler, see our All the Details page. For those who don’t need all the details, below you’ll find a quick overview of what you’ll find here.

Major Resources on DigitalDiscipler

DigitalDiscipler is built on five features. Each helps you deepen your faith, grow in discipleship, and be equipped for ministry. Each tool has a unique purpose. Check out the following areas or learn more.

Podcast Seminary

DigitalDiscipler Blog


DigitalDiscipler Podcast

Digital Devotional Resources


A Closer Look at Our Five Faith-Building Features

1. Podcast Seminary: Our One-of-a-Kind Audio-Courses

One of the most exciting and dynamic parts of the DigitalDiscipler site is our innovative Podcast Seminary. Podcast Seminary provides 2 hour audio mini-courses. Podcast Seminary is a systematic and comprehensive starting place for biblical literacy (Bible knowlege) and Christian worldview instruction. Podcast Seminary helps you ‘get informed and be transformed.’ One of the exciting features of Podcast Seminary is that it is built on 4 learning levels, each becoming progressively more complex. Podcast Seminary is designed as a 9 category curriculum, covering all the major areas of Christian truth, something the Apostle Paul called the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). By taking part, you’ll quickly gain an understanding of major areas of Christian thought, ultimately helping you build an expansive knowledge essential for every Christian. is one of the crown jewels of this website, and a must-visit destination.
Podcast Seminary





2. Faith-Stretching Blog

The DigitalDiscipler Blog has a large number of posts that only continue to grow. The three main themes of our posts are Faith, Discipleship, and Ministry. Under each of those categories, you’ll find related resources. Faith blog posts are all organized into spiritual maturity levels, from Level 1 to Level 4. You choose what to read, whether you want something Basic (Level 1), Introductory (Level 2), Intermediate (Level 3), or Advanced (Level 4). Discipleship blog posts are categorized by ‘type’ and you can choose between Inspirational, Devotional, Instructional, or Doctrinal. Much of these posts are cross-listed with our ‘faith’ posts, but are organized differently. Ministry blog posts provide resources, tools, consulting-coaching, and training.
DigitalDiscipler Blog

3. Mind-Renewing Portfolios

In our Portfolios, we have searched the world wide web for organizations providing the most up-to-date and relevant materials in the fields of ministry, leadership, and technology. Each of these have critically-acclaimed website links that you can bookmark or return here to enjoy, as you commit to stay on top of current events in those areas.
Discipleship Portfolios

4. DigitalDiscipler: Our Ministry Podcast has two podcasts, each having a different purpose. The DigitalDiscipler Podcast helps you ‘know and grow.’ It provides teaching and training. Specifically, you will find some Bible lessons and devotional thoughts, and an increasing amount of equipping information. Much of this will come from the DigitalDiscipler’s years of pastoral ministry and consulting experience, in addition to content from research conducted over years of academic teaching in seminaries and graduate schools. Give it a try!
DigitalDiscipler Podcast

5. Devotional Resources

Sometimes people need a little direction on how to grow spiritually. So we’ve created and curated some helpful resources. We encourage you to bookmark any page you find helpful. That will help you return here regularly, resulting in better devotional habits that produce more consistent spiritual maturity. But these aren’t just any ‘devo’ helps. These are specially-created digital tools. They are made for faith- but also for fun. Some of the resources are spiritually meaty, and those help produce maturity. Others are a little off-the-wall, to help you get out of the spiritual rut. Try them all, as each is made to help you grow more balanced in your spiritual development.

Your Next Step

Now, take your next step and either get all the details of how DigitalDiscipler is built to help people grow spiritually OR check out one of our six featured resources, then share us with others!