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Here you’ll find all the details on DigitalDiscipler. What we do and how we do it.

In fact, this page is written as a type of outline, detailing exactly what we mean when we say that we focus on “faith, discipleship, and ministry.” Each image on this page and any red text below will link you to a special location on this website. This About page is for those who want to understand how DigitalDiscipler is organized and the purpose of the many resources we offer. Then, toward the bottom of the page, you’ll learn about me, Freddy Cardoza, the creator of DigitalDiscipler. But first, let’s see how DigitalDiscipler is meant to help you and others.

DigitalDiscipler has three things in mind:

1. To help you grow in your faith (1 John 5:11-13)
2. To build you as a disciple (2 Timothy 2:2)
3. To train you as a minister (Ephesians 4:11)
DigitalDiscipler is about helping people grow spiritually and to become all God created them to be.
We believe humans are essentially “spiritual” beings. We are not beasts or brutes, but people created in God’s image, with a destiny. And if that is true, then there is a spiritual component to life… a spiritual reality that is sometimes seen, and sometimes not. The reality that people are spiritual beings is why each of us has a primal desire for meaning in life. That produces a craving within us to know God, to find ourselves, and to discover our purpose in life. And once we figure that out, we become driven to grow spiritually. And as we do, we begin to make better sense of life, relationships, and the world.
But sometimes we’re not exactly sure how to grow spiritually. After all, how does spiritual growth and maturity work? That’s where DigitalDiscipler comes in. We want to help you grow in your faith. And our DigitalDiscipler resources are designed to help you identify and take your next steps spiritually– regardless of where you are in your relationship with God. So let’s go on this journey together, believing that God will make us all He has created us to be.

Our one desire is to help you cultivate a relationship with God.

-Then you’ll become real
-You’ll find God
-You’ll figure out how life works
-You’ll live a life of authenticity
-You’ll become a deep person
-And then you’ll help others do the same.
And that’s what “Discipleship” is. First, getting informed and being transformed (Romans 12:2). And then helping others do the same. In the Bible’s New Testament, the Apostle Paul said, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2, NIV). We want to encourage you to honor the spirit of that verse and to share our resources and the things you learn with others, so God can touch their lives as well. Now… let’s do this!

DigitalDiscipler Wants To Help You:

1. Grow In Your Faith

Since humans are spiritual beings, we need to grow in faith in order to be fulfilled as people. So whether a person considers themselves a skeptic, seeker, spiritual, or saved person, this is the place for you. We do this by providing resources specifically designed to give you the tools you need to move forward spiritually. So whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a mature believer, you’re in the right place. So, our first goal is to help you grow in your faith.

How? By Reading Challenging Spiritual Content (Visit Our Faith Blog)

We’re constantly creating new blog posts in the category called “Faith.” These are designed to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with God. Though there is a mysterious element to spiritual maturity, it is equally important that we don’t consider spiritual maturity to be a complete enigma. Growing in faith is mostly a logical process. It requires us to do our part by pursuing God and yielding our minds to His truth (Romans 12:2). As we move to deeper or higher levels of devotion, God supernaturally changes us as we encounter Him. We encourage you to explore each “level” of faith development below to find your best fit. Then, after regularly reading and studying the posts on our blog, move to the next level of faith maturity. The key is to prayerfully read material that is increasingly challenging to understand, because that is what stretches your mind’s ability to apprehend truth. Begin now by choosing Basic, Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Level, then adjust up or down as necessary. Later, after you begin to see signs of spiritual growth, you’ll know it’s time to take your next step forward.


Seeker Faith Level 1


Introductory Faith Level 2


Intermediate Faith Level 3


Advanced Faith Level 4


How? By Doing Daily Devotionals (Visit the “Devotion” Menu Tab)

One of the novel experiences we’ve created are the numerous devotional experiences on the “Devotion” tab of the top DigitalDiscipler menu. Here you’ll be able to explore several creative “digital discipleship” opportunities. Give them a try!


Experience Praise


Pray with DigitalDiscipler




Read with DigitalDiscipler




Journal with DigitalDiscipler


DigitalDiscipler Wants To Help You:

2. Be Equipped As a Disciple

We do this by providing tools that help you grow deeper and go higher. You’ll discover lots of incredible resources to equip you with soul-shaping content and experiences. The key is to “be equipped.”

How? By Broadly Expanding Your Exposure to Truth (Visit Our “Portfolios” Menu Tab)

In our Discipleship Portfolios, we have curated a diverse collection of outstanding biblical and theological content for you to explore. It includes content from some of the most trusted evangelical Christians in the church today, and the content you will find is growing constantly. Look around and you will find some of the most strategic information for apologetics, evangelism, discipleship, training, and other areas– all of which will stretch you spiritually and build you up.


Discipleship Portfolio


How? By Consuming a Balanced Diet of Diverse Discipleship Materials (Visit Our “Discipleship” Blog)

Not only do we need increasing exposure to deeper content, we also need a faith diet that has the right balance of different spiritual food groups. Believers need to be exposed to four types of content: inspirational, devotional, instructional, and doctrinal materials. We painstakingly cross-reference our blog’s faith and discipleship content so it appears in both the faith category you want and the discipleship area you need. That way you’ll be sure to get the proper combination of spiritual nutrients. Take time to explore the “Devotion” tab of the top DigitalDiscipler menu. There you’ll find lots of opportunities for balanced growth.


Inspirational Blog Post


Devotional Blog Post


Instructional Blog Post


Doctrinal Blog Posts


How? By Studying Curriculum that is Systematic and Comprehensive (Visit “Podcast Seminary”)

One of the great needs of our time is biblical literacy. Simply put, many Christians want to have expansive knowledge of the many areas of Christian truth, but they don’t always know how to build it. This has been a problem for some time and DigitalDiscipler hopes to help address this challenge with the unique resource called Podcast Seminary. This audio-based teaching offers brief but genuinely broad, deep, and systematic discipleship in nine key areas. With each of its courses broken down into easily-digestible four 30-minute audio (podcast) sessions, you can quickly develop a working knowledge of a vast array of subjects which are broken into nine areas of curriculum, all audio-based. Learn more about Podcast Seminary.

Podcast Seminary

Podcast Seminary



DigitalDiscipler Wants To Help You:

3. Train To Be a Better Minister

We do this by delivering high-quality ministry training content typically reserved for those enrolled in formal academic programs or ministry internships. The wonder of the Digital Age is that knowledge no longer needs to be scarce, but can be disseminated widely with greater ease. And though resources such as this take money to operate, the cost is a fraction of the cost of formal education. The vision of DigitalDiscipler is to provide heretofore unavailable or expensive training free or at a fraction of the cost required by brick and mortar organizations. We want to provide personalized and targeted ministry training that provides solutions for ministry leaders everywhere.

How? By Providing Content from Trusted Christian Leaders (Visit Our “Portfolios” Menu Tab)

In our Portfolios, we have searched the world wide web for organizations providing the most up-to-date and relevant materials in the fields of ministry, leadership, and technology. Each of these have critically-acclaimed website links that you can bookmark or return here to enjoy, as you commit to stay on top of current events in those areas.


Ministry Portfolio


Leadership Portfolio


Technology Portfolio


How? By Providing Ministers with Seminary-Level Audio Training (Visit “DigitalDiscipler Podcast”)

Whereas Podcast Seminary is organized into audio courses with online discussion forums and a membership website, the leadership equipping arm of DigitalDiscipler is the DigitalDiscipler Podcast. The DigitalDiscipler Podcast provides free training and equipping on areas like current ministry resources, tools, curriculum, products, programs, apps, and other help that ministers need but don’t always know where to get. In addition to the other services listed above, our DigitalDiscipler Podcast provides straight talk, strategic advice, and sound equipping.

DigitalDiscipler Podcast

DigitalDiscipler Podcast


How? By Offering Coaching and Speaking Services (Through Coaching Calls or Speaking Events)

Personalized and professional coaching is available from the DigitalDiscipler on a limited basis. From years as a small-medium-large-and-megachurch pastor and as a Seminary Professor, there are times people need a Coaching Call. Through setting up a live call or even a One-On-One Video-Coaching talk that is face-to-face. Keep in mind that the DigitalDiscipler’s responsibilities and time demands keep this from offered as a complimentary service. Even so, some have requested discussions requiring one-on-one time, so this option has been made available. In addition, the DigitalDiscipler is available for speaking, teaching, training, and preaching opportunities.

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About the DigitalDiscipler, Dr. Freddy Cardoza

My mission in creating DigitalDiscipler is to deploy discipleship and ministry resources that are digital and scalable (able to reach everyone). To do this, I am working to create, collaborate, and curate the best available discipleship and ministry-based resources to help equip and encourage people to embrace and grow in faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

My Bio

Freddy Cardoza
I’m Freddy Cardoza, and I am the Digital Discipler. I serve as a Professor and Program Director of the Christian Education Department at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, a leading private Christian university in Greater Los Angeles. I am the Executive Director for the Society of Professors in Christian Education (SPCE), an organization comprised of ministry professors from some 200 evangelical academic institutions. I am the husband of Kristin Cardoza and the father of two grown sons, Dakota and Christian Cardoza. My family resides in Irvine, California.
In 1991, I completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Church Ministry at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, then earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I began doctoral studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and completed all the coursework for the Doctor of Education (Ed.D., ABD), then earned and was awarded the Ph.D. in Leadership.
I served a total of 20 years in local church pastoral ministry before ultimately remaining in full-time academic teaching, where I am today. Though I still remain active in ministry and consulting, a majority of my time is currently spent equipping pastors and ministers for church and Christian ministry. While serving in churches as a vocational minister, I served in churches that ranged from small to very large, situated in rural, suburban, urban, and inner-city environments. These included primarily anglo, multicultural, and multiethnic congregations. I currently invest a significant amount of time in my home church, Saddleback Church (Irvine South Campus) in Southern California, where I help spearhead the Discipleship program for adults, under the leadership of the pastoral team.
I began my teaching ministry in 1996 and continue teaching today. It began when I was invited to teach part-time for over three years at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Later I taught at John Brown University’s campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas. That led to teaching at Boyce College while completing my Ph.D., then founding and leading the Chicago Extension of Southern Seminary. Ultimately I accepted a full-time teaching and academic position at Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. After four years of association with Midwestern, I accepted a full-time administrative and teaching position in greater Los Angeles with Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology, where I hold a dual appointment at the university and seminary. I have served at Biola since 2009. In addition to these, I have lectured at Liberty University, Southwestern Seminary, Southern Seminary, Cedarville University, Cornerstone University, Phoenix Seminary, North Park University, and North Park Theological Seminary. Since 2011 I have served as a Visiting Professor for Gateway Seminary (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), where I teach the “Teaching Adults” seminar in the Ph.D. Program, focusing on ministry and academic teaching.
The One Must-Visit Place on this Website: If you miss Podcast Seminary, you’ve missed a major strength of both and the entire Soapbox.Network. Check it out. Because Podcast Seminary is designed to progressively, systematically, and comprehensively provide essential discipleship training to scale, it is one of the most important things I’ve ever created. Enjoy!
Thanks for taking time to get to know me. I’m deeply honored by that. Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions you have or contact me to check my availability for special projects. God bless you.
Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D.

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