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Understanding Journaling

For centuries, believers everywhere have kept personal “diaries” or what may be best referred to as journals.  Journals are places we can collect our spiritual thoughts, make theological connections, discern what is happening in our lives, and record important life events and spiritual passages.  Simply put, journaling is a way we can trace the work of God in our lives.  This is because, over time, we can see patterns of His working in our lives.  This allows us to gain perspective and to develop wisdom.  If you haven’t already begun, take up the habit of journaling in order to help deepen your life through listening to God, reflecting on life, and preserving those new insights into wisdom by using a journal.

What To Do Now

  • Decide to Journal. Consider starting a private journal to collect your life events, thoughts and dreams.  Write down what God says to you during prayer.  Write down what you think and what you feel about your life.  And ask God, through these, to help make you more intentional about how you live your life.
  • Get Started. Learn more about the freemium journaling app and website called Penzu.  Then start a free Penzu account and start journaling on your computer, pad, or your smart device.
  • Grow in Wisdom. Periodically look back, praying for knowledge, insight, and wisdom.  Write down what God says to you.  Then act on it.

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