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Forums are online discussions. Each forum is either an individual discussion or group of discussions. You’ll find both in the lists to the right.

Multi-Discussion Forums

Think of Forums this way: Multi-Discussion Forums are where multiple discussions occur (such as in our Online Course Forums) are like real-life situations where people are sitting at a large table having a large group discussion, but with smaller individual discussions going on around the table. Those smaller discussions are still related to the big discussion, but are side conversations related to the theme.
Multiple Discussions in Forum

Single Discussion Forums

That’s how some forums work. Other forums may have a single topic.
Single Discussion Forum

Writing Forum Posts is Easy

It’ll be easy to pick up on the forums, even if you’ve never had online discussions before. Just jump in and engage people. You type a forum post just like you would any other post. And you can always edit your discussion if you make a mistake and submit it prematurely.
Posts writing

The main thing is to get in and get involved! This is where transformation can occur, so what are you waiting for? Get in there!

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