What We Do

Podcast Seminary helps you grow in your faith. We provide truth-based content in every available thought space.

  • For people who like to learn through listening, we have a podcast on our official http://www.podcastseminary.orgPodcast Channel.
  • For people who like to learn through reading, we have a blog and other printable resources on our official website.
  • For people who like to learn through watching, we have a video blog (vlog) on our official YouTube channel.
  • For people who like to learn through seeing, we have image-based resources (pictures, infographics, etc.) on Instagram.
  • For people who like to learn in community, we will offer interactive discussion on our Page and Live broadcasting events by video on Facebook Live.
  • For people who like to learn in small doses and stay in the know about on-going daily events, we offer our thoughts and share resources using Twitter.
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Why “Podcast Seminary?”

Because a central focus of this ministry will always be the spoken word.  The Bible says that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17), so the spoken word figures importantly into all Christian ministry.  It happens that podcasts are audio-based, syndicated (automatically delivered) to any subscribed person, quick to download, and require little overall memory on one’s device. What’s more, it’s mobile and can be taken anywhere, without the distraction of looking at a screen for the content.
As a result, in the future, we’ll be producing more “audio courses” by podcast, where people can subscribe or purchase entire courses on special topics in nine essential categories.  You’ll hear more about that as resources are made available.  The vision for that aspect of Podcast Seminary is that believers everywhere will be able to download 2-3 hours of solid, trustworthy biblical content on dozens and dozens of topics in areas including Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Life, Foundations, Formation, Ministry, Leadership, and other Specialty topics.  Here’s an example of our earliest, easiest course.  Others will follow, at different levels of difficulty (100-level, 200-level, 300-level, 400-level), just like at a seminary…. only a podcast seminary of short, audio-based mini-courses designed to fill gaps in your knowledge, and to incrementally help you build a Christian mind.  As a result of being biblically informed, you will become transformed (Romans 12:1-2).

Our Story

This ministry is led by long-time pastor and current seminary professor, Dr. Freddy Cardoza. From years in the local church and the academic classroom, in addition to regularly teaching and preaching in churches today, Freddy became acutely aware of the great need for better discipleship in our churches. That is, after all, what it is all about (Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Timothy 2:2).
The problem is that most Christians don’t get the discipleship experience they need. Not even close. Ideally, discipleship is in an intimate, life on life spiritual relationship centered around the Word of God and spiritual disciplines. This happens both individually and corporately through the local church. When done properly, the discipleship process results in producing a transformed person who, in turn, helps others be transformed. The sad truth is that most believers simply don’t have that experience. Though believers have the God-given spiritual desire for this type of dynamic life (Philippians 2:13), for the most part it eludes them. As a result, individual Christians struggle to put the Christian life together, and many local churches never feel like they get spiritual traction to make an impact in their communities.
Why? Part of it is due to a lack of equipped Christians who are able to teach and lead others in discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2). Another part of it is that church leaders are either too maxed out or otherwise unable to create the organizational systems and biblical content their church needs to make it happen. As a result, individual believers— from new converts, to growing believers, to mature Christian leaders— languish, often feeling as if they want and need more intimacy with God, more Bible knowledge, and more spiritual power, but have the painful realization that they don’t know how to make that desire a reality.
After a heartfelt conversation from a friend about the need for a better discipleship experience, Freddy Cardoza became convicted that the need for better discipleship resources must be addressed. That immediately led to the launch of Podcast Seminary. From the outset this ministry has been created as a universally-available, always-available, digital resource providing truth to those looking for it. Podcast Seminary seeks to champion every known thought space of influence, in order to help people grow in their faith and to become disciples living fulfilled, dynamic, and powerful lives.

How You Can Help

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