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Welcome! In 2016 I made the decision to migrate the headquarters of my digital presence to a new web portal I’ve named Podcast Seminary. Podcast Seminary is an online platform featuring life-changing content on Faith, Discipleship, and Ministry, with additional leadership, education, and technology content. Those themes are the primary touchstones of my life, work, and ministry. They represent who I am and what I do.
Podcast Seminary helps you grow in your faith. It equips people with the tools, information, and answers they need to become Christ-followers. PodcastSeminary.com helps people get informed and be transformed. That’s because I believe people who are comprehensively and systematically informed by divine truth from God can be transformed from the inside-out, and will become change agents who impact the world for good and for God.

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My Bold Digital Vision

My vision is to become a spiritual tour de force by aggressively exploiting the possibilities of the digital revolution for the Glory of God. I will do this by building Podcast Seminary into a digital platform that advances the Kingdom of God. This will involve strategically and exponentially expanding the breadth and depth of my reach as a Christian thought leader. I am committed to consistently providing superior content that I have created, curated, or collaborated for every relevant thought space. In doing this, I will shrewdly champion the best and most powerful media to digitally supplement what God does through my actual physical presence. If successful, many people’s knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, values, convictions, actions, behaviors, lifestyles, and destinies will be changed. The result will be to build a legacy where I have played at least some part in the lives of people who helped change the world.

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