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Sometimes You Need More Details

We get it. Let us help. First, let’s revisit the general course outline:
Course Outline

  • Course Homepage (Unit 1 of 12)
  • Course Welcome (Unit 2 of 12)
  • Week 1 Listen (Unit 3 of 12)
  • Week 1 Learn (Unit 4 of 12)
  • Week 2 Listen (Unit 5 of 12)
  • Week 2 Learn (Unit 6 of 12)
  • Week 3 Listen (Unit 7 of 12)
  • Week 3 Learn (Unit 8 of 12)
  • Week 3 Live (Unit 9 of 12)
  • Week 4 Listen (Unit 10 of 12)
  • Week 4 Learn (Unit 11 of 12)
  • Course Recap and Reload (Unit 12 of 12)

Courses are 4 Weeks and Are Comprised of 12 Units of Material.  All total, when you take into consideration the Home Page, this Course Introduction, and the various study sessions, this course has 12 class “units.” Each lesson is numbered as (Unit 1 of 12, 2 of 12, 3 of 12, and so on).  
Our month-long course format allows Scholars to quickly get basic mastery of a concept, then move to another topic. When taking one course each month or by taking multiple courses each month, a person can efficiently build a substantial base of discipleship knowledge. Courses begin with a simple homepage. After this comes the Course Welcome (this page), where details about the class are given.  After this page, you’ll get into the heart of the class experience. The rest of Unit 2 will prepare you for the upcoming weekly sessions.
Lesson Structure is Similar Each Week.  Each lesson in the series will have a brief introduction, then give you specific directions about what to do next. You will be given step by step suggestions and, on occasion, will be provided special links or bonus content available only to scholars in our online program.
There are Weekly “Listen” Sessions and “Learn” Sessions.  At the beginning of each week, there is a “listen” session. That is when you get introduced to the main content of that particular week. Around the middle or latter part of the week, you’ll complete the “learn” session. That’s when you dig deeper by interacting with others’ comments and enter into meaningful discussions about the content, as insights, perspectives, and opinions are shared. This occurs each week.
Week 3 is Special, Featuring a Live Broadcast. Each week has a “Listen” and “Learn” session, but Week 3 has a Bonus.  That’s when our “Live” broadcast session occurs.  This is when the Seminary Dean or Visiting Scholar holds a live video session you can view online.  That’s where he revisits certain content, expands on themes, and takes your questions by a set Twitter hashtag. More information about that later, but expect that to be a highlight of the online Podcast Seminary experience for all registered Scholars taking this course.
Week 4 is the course windup with another Special Scholars’ Session.  Finally, after the 4th week’s listen and learn sessions, a final recap and reload session will test your learning in the online course and encourage you to continue your intentional discipleship process. During this last week of the course for “Resident Scholars,” (those who are regularly enrolling in monthly classes), we will offer a “final exam.” As part of this, we will act as your Registrar. That means we will maintain official records and track your individual progress, if you intend to regularly participate in seminary courses.
Scholars who pass exams are eligible to be honored on our PodcastSeminary website with various designations, as our way of honoring your commitment and performance (example)
Here are Sample Monthly Calendars that Illustrates the Concept Above
Note that each month is unique, depending on the day the month begins, so take that in consideration when viewing the sample calendars. Look to the right side of the page in Units 2-12 for the specific calendar for this course.
August 2016 Schedule Podcast SeminaryPodcast Seminary Schedule Sample 1 of 230 Day Only Typical Monthly Schedule Podcast Seminary

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