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Organizations like churches, ministries, and other learning organizations commonly have events with featured content or speakers. For those ministries having a conference or special event on discipleship, biblical literacy or a related theme from our Podcast Seminary Curriculum, hosting a Podcast Seminary-themed event is an exciting option.
Ministries looking to offer a retreat or training event can browse available themes from the 9 categories of our curriculum listed below. Churches, camps, or parachurch groups who decide to implement Podcast Seminary Curriculum in their ministries may want to host a launch event. This could build momentum for the organization by providing a headliner session or a compact series taught by the Dean of Podcast Seminary. Choose any course from any of our 9 themes then check available dates with our office.

Host an Event with the Podcast Seminary Content and Dean

Host an Event Featuring Podcast Seminary course content

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Now What?

When you’re ready to talk about Freddy hosting your upcoming event, the following links are provided below with basic information on getting things moving.