Ministry Courses


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Ministry Courses

Ministry studies investigates the practical application of theology in the process of Christian disciplemaking


Course Categories and Numbering System

There are nine categories of content in Podcast Seminary’s curriculum series.  Each of these categories have numerous 4-session courses, like those seen on this page.    Each category has a unique numbering system to make it easier for courses to be identified and located. The numbering system proceeds as follows: 100-level, 200-level, 300-level, and 400-level.  These 4 levels represent progressively-challenging content being offered in our courses. Content moves from Basic (100-level) to Introductory (200-level), Intermediate (300-level), and then Advanced (400-level) content. Learners are encouraged to choose courses in the Level they believe is best for them, then make adjustments as needed.  Ultimately, learners should realize the need to take upper level courses as they grow in knowledge and maturity.

Below are a list of all courses planned for the Ministry Core Curriculum.

As courses are completed, three things happen: First, all available courses are made available for instant download for Podcast Seminary Students who wish to take those courses, but who want to study alone at their own pace. Second, available courses are used to assemble the year-round trimester schedule for Podcast Seminary Scholars who desire to study online with others in virtual communities. See our current and upcoming Podcast Seminary schedules. Third, all available Podcast Seminary courses are made available in a Church Curriculum format for instant download to Teachers who want to teach this Podcast Seminary material. Our church curriculum line is called “Mini-Seminary” Curriculum and it is available at our sister website, Like Podcast Seminary, Mini Seminary equips people for biblical literacy and the Christian worldview.


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Below you will be able to follow links to the different Podcast Seminary programs we offer. When we began considering how to address the need for initial Christian discipleship, we knew the best way to proceed was to provide both individual Christians and local churches with this resource. For that reason, three programs exist. The Student Program is for those who want to listen and learn alone, at their own pace. As courses are released, they will all be available on-demand for immediate download. The Scholar Program is for those who want to study and learn with others, in an online group. Group study requires a sustainable number of learners, so a set course schedule is necessary to make online groups effective. The Teachers’ Program (available at our sister site, is for local church Pastors and other ministry teachers who want to present courses from the Podcast Seminary curriculum in their own organization. We have created an efficient way to equip teachers, so they will be able to effectively teach this curriculum to their people. Everything needed for teaching each class session is included in all available courses through instant download. Click below to explore each option.

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