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Podcast Seminary fills the gaps in your Bible knowledge by offering stimulating Audio and Online Courses. Our online courses are ideal for those who wish to study with others in a supportive community.

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What Does an Online Class Feel Like?


Like this.


You Might Be Thinking…. “I Feel Intimidated About Taking an Online Class”

    Let’s take the mystery out of online learning once and for all. Taking an online class is, well, like what you’re doing now. It’s like sitting at a computer, pad, or mobile device and “reading” short and interesting articles. It’s like clicking play on an audio file and listening to an interesting talk on your headphones or speakers. It’s like typing or texting your thoughts about something to a group of friends. It’s like visiting a creative website that has interesting features and resources that were, well, unexpected. If you can use your computer or smart phone, you already know enough to study online. You’re sort of already doing it! But we want to help you do it while growing more spiritually-mature.

    Imagine coming here and joining with other committed Christians from near and far to grow spiritually. Envision people like you who are eager to expand their knowledge and deepen their faith. Think of the encouragement of learning about a host of topics, week by week, as you form new godly friendships. Consider the excitement of radically enhancing your knowledge of God’s Word and your confidence in sharing those insights with others who want and need it. Then imagine repeating that novel experience again on a completely different topic with both new and old friends, while gaining answers to spiritual questions or biblically-confusing issues that have troubled you for years.

That is what Podcast Seminary Online Courses are all about.

Are Online Classes Complicated?

Absolutely not. Think of all the people you know who have taken online classes for school or work-related training. If they can do it, you can do it. What’s more, Podcast Seminary courses are convenient, innovative, and come with simple but complete instructions. They are ideal for those new to online learning or who have limited technical skills with computers and mobile phones. But they also offer novel learning experiences and interesting resources for those already familiar with digital learning and technology.

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How Are Courses Scheduled?

Podcast Seminary operates year-round (in Trimesters) instead of taking summers off (like in Semesters). Trimesters means there are three academic terms per year, like seen below. During our trimesters, multiple courses are scheduled, with courses offered each month. Courses begin at the beginning of each month. Sometimes a course will be offered back-to-back and be repeated, but new courses will be offered regularly. Though our schedule may adjust slightly as we are building new courses, the basic schedule will look something like this. We have just launched our site, but we are building courses and will release new ones on a regular basis from our massive curriculum that is planned. There will be something for everyone. Here is a look at how our schedule will work. You may take one or more courses at a time, depending on availability. Below is an overview of the course schedule concept.

Trimesters: Learn Year-Round. Start Any Day of the Year.


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A Typical Month-Long Course

30 Day Only Typical Monthly Schedule Podcast Seminary

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How Does the Program Work?

It’s simple. As more courses are offered, you’ll be able to take one or more courses at a time. One class will require a minimum of about 2 hours a week. But for those who really want a deep dive, additional materials will be made available that could really keep you busy, especially as you engage with other interesting learners from all over! Then, if you have the time and interest to study in multiple areas at the same time (like you would at school), Podcast Seminary will offer that opportunity as well. Ultimately a person could take up to 4 courses simultaneously for an incredibly reasonable tuition rate. So, as a rule of thumb, consider each class as a 2-3 hour time commitment weekly, with about 90 minutes weekly being the bare minimum. The truth is that many who take our courses will find themselves so interested in what they’re learning and so engaged with the content that they will discover they’re spending more time in God’s Word than possibly ever before. Imagine that! Below are options being offered for those who take Podcast Seminary courses… what we call Podcast Seminary “Scholars.”
Scholar Options

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Is Podcast Seminary Like School?

In only the best ways! Podcast Seminary has the fun and camaraderie of school. Podcast Seminary offers courses like school. Podcast Seminary allows you to choose from available classes like school. And Podcast Seminary offers those classes year-round, so you can literally start any day of the year with us. What’s more, for those who want to take classes on an on-going basis, we offer the opportunity for self-advancement and public achievement. After all, if you’re investing lots of effort to better yourself by broadening and deepening your knowledge and perspective, then we want to honor that! Resident Scholars intending to continue each month with a new course or courses have the option of taking a final exam on the last week of the month, for each class they take. There are different achievements being made available, such as our Podcast Seminary “Dean’s List” and other features. We’ll even highlight you on the Podcast Seminary/Soapbox.Network website. In fact, those who study with us will be given the opportunity to submit blog posts they write about course content with our growing audience. Imagine your insights to truth being shared all around with global readers through this website! Exciting. Those are all available to Podcast Seminary Resident Scholars.
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Want to Learn More?

There isn’t a lot more to learn! You’re about ready to take the next step. We encourage you to sign up to learn about upcoming courses, so you’ll be the first to know when new courses are released. A new course will be dropped just around the corner so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more when details are released! If you have other questions, be sure to Contact Us!


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