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‘Soapbox Stage’ is an online platform for people who have found their voice and want to share their message, ideas, or knowledge with the world. If you are a speaker, teacher, preacher, professor, or writer, Soapbox Stage can help build your website, complete with an ‘About’ page, a ‘Contact’ page, and a Blog and/or a Podcast page(s).
If you are a speaker, we can help you learn how to record your audio so we can convert it into podcast episodes. So whether your audio files are lectures, lessons, sermons, talks, or other types of content, we can help you share your message with the world. Likewise, if you are a writer, we can help you take your written pieces and convert them into blog posts. These can be series of blogs or stand alone posts that can be shared to your audience instantly.
There are different levels of services we offer, and we can help you put your content online with or without your help. You may want us to take care of your online content and website presence from beginning to end, or you may want to do part or even much of the work. The main thing is that your message gets out. Your ideas, thoughts, wisdom, and convictions have had too small of an audience for far too long, and it’s time to get on your soapbox and take a stand on the digital stage. Below you can see a sample of what a Soapbox Stage might look like, though yours would be tailor made to your interests and style. Take a look!

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About Page Sample

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Contact Page Sample

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Blog Page Sample

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Podcast Page Sample

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