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Douglas Fairbanks, movie star, speaking in front of the Sub-Treasury building, New York City, to aid the third Liberty Loan. April 1918. Paul Thompson. (Army) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #: 111-SC-16569 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 515

Source: US Army

Welcome to the Soapbox.Network

A “Soapbox” is a platform for communicating.

Historically, public speakers would use a wooden soapbox as a makeshift stand.  Soon, “soapbox” came to mean anything providing a platform to be heard.

The Soapbox.Network is a digital platform that helps people get informed and be transformed.

But it’s more than that.  We want Soapbox to feel different than other sites you visit.  We’ve designed Soapbox.Network to make you think and to make you feel.  When you visit, we want you to experience something that is dynamic, emotive, and immersive.  We want you to love coming here. And we’re working hard to make Soapbox the best it can be.
Soapbox informs people through its network of websites and its podcast network.  In fact, the Soapbox.Network hosts several websites within its own website (sort of like how your local mall houses multiple stores).  You’ll see our websites listed on the top menu of this page (Academii, FREDTalks, DigitalDiscipler, Studio C).  In addition, Soapbox also has special features listed on the lower menu of this page.  Look up and you’ll see that it lists all of our blogs, our podcast series, portfolios, websites, social media links, and more.  But our best advice is to explore and discover all we offer.

Soapbox is a learning destination.

People who visit Soapbox want to be inspired.  They want to be informed.  And they want to be transformed.  People who visit Soapbox want to live a life that matters, and to make an impact.

Does this sound like you? 

We thought so. 
And that’s why Soapbox.Network has been built: to provide outstanding content in areas important to you.   We provide quality information that we have created or that we’ve carefully curated.  This includes areas like:

So there’s lots for leaders like you to enjoy.


We know where you’re coming from.

If you’re like us, sometimes it seems like there are resources available out there, but much of what exists lacks quality in content or presentation.  Or it lacks in depth or breadth of perspective.  That makes a lot of what we’re exposed to feel one-dimensional, canned, and tired.

Not so with Soapbox. 

We work tirelessly to provide you with a variety of valuable and intelligent information.   It is intended to inform your mind, inspire your heart, and transform your life.  We’re committed to excellence, and hope you see that value demonstrated with every click of your mouse.
We want you to think of the Soapbox.Network as a place of meeting and meaning.  As a place of hope and happiness.  A place of reflection and action.  We’ll give you our very best– so you can be your very best.  By doing so, we hope to play a small part in helping you reach your potential, live your dream, and change your world.  And you can help us reach our potential, live our dream, and change our world by sharing these resources with others.


A Word About “Sharing”

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What Soapbox Offers

Soapbox Speaker

We mentioned that a soapbox is a platform for sharing a message.  Soapbox.Network offers content in lots of formats.  That’s because people learn in different ways and crave variety.  So for a person who loves to read, we offer blogs.  For someone who loves to listen, we have audio podcasts.  And for the one who likes to watch, we offer videos.  We also provide helpful information and connection with other like-minded people through social media.  In addition, we have creative web links that connect you to some of the world’s best learning resources.  What’s more, you’ll find products and services that provide learning experiences in areas important to you– including discussion forums, online courses, webinars, and even some study-at-your-own-pace membership sites.
Did you get all that? Let’s go over it again. 
In addition to blogs, podcasts, portfolios, and other content, Soapbox is developing the following resources:

Soapbox will continue to expand its content to help you stay informed.  That way you’ll continue to make a positive impact in your areas of influence.
We think you’re going to like it.  

How Soapbox is Organized

Soapbox is a “network.”  It is comprised of several websites within a larger website portal.  That means you can come to our Soapbox.Network homepage and find different areas of interest to you, then go to that destination and begin exploring!  Soapbox.Network: This is our home base.  It features a sample of the content available of our websites– plus unique information found nowhere else on the Network.  But that’s just the beginning… The wealth of resources are housed in our primary websites.

  • DigitalDiscipler: Focusing on Faith, Discipleship, and Ministry. It exists to help people find and know God, and to equip Christian leaders.
  • PodcastSeminary: Focusing on Building People’s Faith through Comprehensive and Systematic Discipleship.
  • MiniSeminary: Focusing on Faith-Building Curriculum. It exists to help equip Christians in biblical literacy and the Christian worldview.
  • Academii: Focusing on Education and Technology.  It exists to equip Teachers and Scholars.
  • FredTalks: Focusing on Leadership.  It exists to equip leaders for success and significance.
  • Studio C: Focusing on Culture.  It exists to inform people on current events and policy.


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Thanks for visiting Soapbox.  We welcome you.
Enjoy yourself and share us with your friends!