Adobe Connect

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Adobe® Connect™

Adobe Connect is a high-end video conferencing solution designed for businesses and institutions. It offers a full array of options and features and can be used from any computer or mobile device with Adobe Flash installed. Meetings may be held with audio only, video feed from the host only, video feeds from all participants, and other combinations of feeds. Adobe Connect is capable of creating breakout rooms which allow the administrator to break the participants into smaller groups for collaboration. Additionally, meetings may be recorded for future viewing. Real time captioning is available for deaf users.
Locating or Acquiring this Resource
Information regarding Adobe Connect may be found at There are several options for purchasing Adobe Connect, including annual, monthly, and pay-per-use plans. Pricing discounts for educational institutions are reached at 888-649-2990.
Using this Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Adobe Connect can be used to emulate a traditional class room setting. The live video feeds from the instructor as well as the students allow the participants to interact in almost all of the same ways that they can in the class room. The lecture is live and the interaction between the instructor and the students is live. Adobe Connect is scalable and allows for even large classes to meet in the cloud.
  • Adobe Connect can also emulate small group breakout sessions. During the class time, an instructor can break the class into small groups for discussions and collaboration. Those small groups can then be brought back into a larger group for presentations of the results of their breakout session.
  • There are whiteboard and file sharing features which further enhance the classroom emulation.
  • Real time collaboration for group projects can also be facilitated by Adobe Connect. Students can collaborate with their group members in live discussions with the quality of communication that can only come with both visual and audio contact.

Guest lecturers can be brought into a traditional classroom without the time and expense of having the lecturer come in person.
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