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Animoto Edu

Animoto Edu is a web tool that works to automatically generate videos using music, images, video clips, and text. Geared toward the classroom, Animoto Edu is an online service allowing users to upload pictures and video segments together with text, then select music and special effects to create a unique way of presenting information in any educational setting. The core of Animoto’s distinctive features is what it calls its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology, which analyzes the user materials and develops a finished product for the user, so that every Animoto production is totally unique, geared toward the individual user’s material. Animoto has cleared copyright for the music selected at its site. With YouTube and others recently sharply applying copyright law and disabling infringing videos, Animoto’s copyright satisfaction is a helpful step.
In the visual world of the 21st century, Animoto offers educators and students easy access to professional-like productions, so that the expectation for precision and quality can be met with minimal effort.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
Animoto Edu is a free resource that anticipates teacher and student use. An application for free educational use can be accessed at With the educational use account, the music license feature with access to 1000+ tracks is available. For those who would not qualify for the free educational use, there is a free trial, Animoto Lite, that allows for unlimited 30 second videos. For about $30 a year, Animoto Plus offers unlimited full-length videos. For Animoto Pro, you have access to the music license feature described above with several other features, at about $249 a year. If applicable, Animoto offers a free Plus account to charitable/non-profit organizations.
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Embed an Animoto video into the school website for access and use.


  • Create unique videos for teaching components of lectures.


  • Use crafted videos for introduction of case study analysis in class.


  • Use Animoto to deliver lecture materials in a format accessible at any time by students, freeing up class-time for interactive discussion of materials that cover the homework.


  • Feature student work, including music, photos, and written material, in unique ways to increase confidence and encourage creativity.


  • With the Education Account, students are able to access Animoto for developing their own videos. And so, assignments can be as varied as both teacher and student can envision Animoto’s capabilities.


  • Students who shy away from presentations will be able to rely on Animoto to create support materials, bolstering student’s courage.


  • The teacher and student can use Animoto presentations to grab attention or encourage empathy for an issue or circumstance.


  • The teacher can use an Animoto video to remind students, humorous or otherwise, of due dates for assignments.


  • Animoto offers educators individualized teaching aids for the classroom. For example, an educator could take a Hebrew term and describe its meaning, usage, historical context and other in a way the professor considers ideal (because he/she created it).

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