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BibleWorks 9 Software

BibleWorks 9 is a Bible language software aimed at students, pastors, and scholars that provides tools for research, exegesis, and use of the biblical languages. BibleWorks is a Windows-based program, so Mac users must create either an emulation environment or install Windows as a native operating system.
BibleWorks boast a variety of features. Standard features from past BibleWorks editions include dozens of translations in numerous languages, an electronic collection of several lexicons, grammars, and concordances, topographical maps, and much more. In BibleWorks 9, several new features are also available. Among the most significant improvements are an additional analysis window, a verse tab, the CNNTS NT critical apparatus, as well as new material that can be unlocked, such as Metzger’s critical apparatus, Grudem’s Systematic Theology, and numerous other additions.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
BibleWorks 9 can be purchased by visiting While the cost is about $359, it is extremely competitive with the market. Competing Bible software such as Accordance (available only for Mac) and Logos cost about $149-$349 and $629-$1689 respectively. For those already with an earlier version of BibleWorks, upgrades are available for about $159 (from version 8) or about $199 (from version 7).
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching
BibleWorks 9 has a wide-range of application to teaching courses related to the Bible and biblical languages.

  • Use BibleWorks Hebrew and Greek language fonts to create paradigms, quizzes, exams, etc. in Microsoft Word.
  • Export specific texts to Microsoft Office programs to create charts, tables, or simple text files.
  • Export results of word studies to other programs for comparison.
  • Conduct words studies through lemma searches.
  • Use language tools to parse words and look up meanings in lexicons.
  • Use searches to find inter-textual links in biblical texts.
  • Compare various versions of a text in order to see different translation strategies or the difficulties involved in translating certain passages.
  • Use maps as a visual aid in class to point out the location of the events in specific narratives.
  • Quickly and easily move between texts that are being used as illustrations.

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