Advancing Your Academic Career Through Blogging

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Advancing Your Academic Career Through Blogging

Blogging is a media of enormous influence today, but one that is frequently neglected by academics and would-be professors.  This is largely due to the fact that it is sometimes deemed “not scholarly,” but that is a short-sighted view of one of the world’s most influential media.  Instead, one might consider that however scholarly an academic journal may be, what it boasts in terms of erudite academic credentials, it lacks in popular appeal.  The opposite is often true for blogging.
But rather than taking the bait of the false-dichotomy of the “either/or” fallacy (EITHER blogging OR journal articles), why not do both?  Blogging is a way for a person moving to higher education to gain a following.  This credibility converts into having influence over potential students and to public credibility, both of which universities and other institutions want.  For this reason, we shouldn’t neglect nor underestimate the value of blogging as a way to enhance our attractiveness as an academic candidate.
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BlogTalkRadio is an interactive social networking and online steaming webcast website. BlogTalkRadio is not only a place to listen to radio shows but a site where you can also broadcast your own show. BlogTalkRadio enables anyone, anywhere the ability to have their voice heard through their own broadcast show and the chance to interact with people from all over. The best thing is, BlogTalkRadio is FREE! With a free account you can broadcast one 30 minute show per day, with a limit of five live callers. Depending on what type of paid subscription you may choose to purchase, you can broadcast longer and field more calls. Besides creating your own radio show, you also have the ability to create your own blog/personal page. Here your page can be linked with your Facebook, Twitter, ITunes, and personal webpages. Besides using BlogTalkRadio for radio, BlogTalkRadio is a great place for advertising products through a show and through advertisement banners.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
BlogTalkRadio is accessed by visiting the website If only wanting to listen to broadcasts, all one needs to do is visit the website and search for whatever type or specific show he listens to. It is important to know that listening to a show depends on the scheduled time of broadcast. You may listen to and download broadcast archives depending on the availability of an episode. To broadcast your own show, one needs to sign up for an account. Depending on the type of access and broadcasting one wishes to do, there are different account types to choose from. You can also sign up for an account using your Facebook account as your way to access your BlogTalkRadio account.
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching

  • BlogTalkRadio enables you to create an online class where students all over the world can watch and interact with the professor.


  • Because BlogTalkRadio connects with people all over the world, students have the ability to be exposed to a greater number of opinions and the possibility of interacting with others.


  • Students can broadcast their own projects with the possibility of not only teaching many but also receiving feedback.


  • The more a student or professor teaches on BlogTalkRadio the more exposure is possible, creating more opportunities for teaching.


  • Because BlogTalkRadio allows one to be connected with your personal social media accounts, the ability to make one’s learning both interactive, personal, and fun.


  • BlogTalkRadio allows students to present and discuss topics of whatever they choose. They can broadcast on their own topics without limitations.

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