Selected Christian Camps: A Starting Place for Finding a Camp for Discipleship

Christian Camp, Moonlit Camp image courtesy of Bill DevlinPhoto Courtesy of Bill Devlin on Flickr

Websites on Camping Ministry

Sometimes ministers or parents need a starting place on possibilities for ministries like camps, retreats, and events.  Christian camps and denominational conference centers are always a good place to start.  Below are some select places to look into that may give you ideas on what will make your camp successful– whether you lead your own or take your campers to a camp that coordinates everything for you.

Christian Camp and Conference Association

Christian Camping International

Association of Adventist Camp Professionals

Ridgecrest Camps

Mount Hermon Christian Camp and Conference Center

Hume Lake Christian Camps

Forest Home Christian Camps

Kannakuk Kamps

HoneyRock Camps (Wheaton College)

High Sierra Camp

Thousand Pines Christian Camps

Kidder Creek Christian Camps

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps