Episode 33, God is Just, Beyond Belief Series Podcast, Session 3

The Count of Monte Cristo is a stirring classic novel surrounding the adventures of Edmond Dantês. Edmond had it all. He was a man of faith, talented, and handsome. Following a long seafaring trip, Edmond is unexpectedly elevated to ship captain and is set to marry the raven-haired beauty, Mercédès. But before they could tie the knot, three unlikely, jealous, and greedy men conspire to have him thrown in jail.To maintain the secret of their betrayal, Edmond is publicized as dead but is privately locked away in the dreadful island dungeon, Chateau d’If.
Believing Edmond has been executed, Mercédès is inconsolable.She is tricked into marrying Fernand Mondego, Edmond’s best friend— the man secretly responsible for having him put away.  Hopeless, bitter, and forgotten, Edmond nearly loses his faith. He is being punished for a crime he didn’t commit, while the guilty parties go free. God seemed nowhere to be found. But Edmond ultimately escapes and, after many years, both he and the evil-doing trio get their just rewards.
Like Edmond in the Count of Monte Cristo, the Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel saw God’s people suffer what appeared to be coarse injustice. But as time unfolded, they came to realize that God is always just—even when life seems unfair.  Join us as we learn more about this important attribute of God that will help you in your spiritual maturity.

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