What the Bible's Longest Chapter Teaches Us

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What the Bible's Longest Chapter Teaches

Psalm 119 has the honored status of being the Bible’s longest chapter.
Fittingly, it also happens to be ‘all about’ the Bible. It’s nearly 200 verses are packed with information about the Word of God and its importance.
In this Podcast Seminary episode, our Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, unpacks a total of 24 principles learned from the Bible “about” the Bible.
You’ll learn:
12 Ways the Bible Describes Itself
12 Benefits of the Word of God
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Red Hot: How to 'Catch on Fire' In Your Spiritual Life

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Red Hot: How to ‘Catch on Fire’ in Your Spiritual Life

We’ve all experienced it… Getting “stuck” spiritually, and bogging down to where your devotional life is slowed to a crawl.
A common problem in the Christian life is knowing how to build and stoke the spiritual flames deep within our souls.
In this vlog, I unpack an important secret I’ve learned from the wisdom of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:13 (especially in the NLT version of the Bible). Then I share the single most important secret to getting and staying red hot in our spiritual lives.
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