Technology, the Church, and the Future of Seminaries

My Interview with Social Media Church Podcast

Freddy Cardoza interview on the Social Media Church Podcast, December 16, 2015

Discussion Topics from this Podcast

1. How much should church leaders/pastors think about using technology in their ministry? Should technology be more integrated into colleges/seminaries?
Part of my reply: Life is intricately interwoven with technology, and it’s never going backwards. Technology is ubiquitous and it’s now embedded in our lives. Especially in the US, but in much of the world, church leaders need to get significantly more on top of technology.   Listen to the podcast for more…
2. What are some creative new trends with technology/online etc. that you think will impact the church/ministries in the next 3-5 years directly in a good way?
3. Should churches being doing more live training in person/onsite or on-demand online training?
4. Thoughts about virtual reality? Any relevance to the church?
5. Do you think seminary will be just as relevant and practical for church leaders/pastors 10 years from now with the growth of online training being available and free?

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