God Has It Under Control | Enjoy the Ride Series | Video 3 of 8

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God Has It Under Control. God is Sovereign.  Enjoy the Ride.

God is sovereign. He is “over all” and in control. Because of this, God is the creator, ruler, sustainer, and judge of the universe. And as such, He is able. When life hits you mercilessly, trust the theological truth of God’s sovereignty—which means He can handle it. Learn more in this important session, part 3 of an 8 part series on the Doctrine of God.


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3 Steps to Make Men From Mice (Audio Podcast)

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Facebook, 3 Steps to Make Men From Mice

God doesn’t want us to live in fear—but many do.
This session is to challenge us not to fear, but to overcome it with courage.
Throughout scripture, God says it again, and again, and again—Fear Not; Be Not Afraid, Be Strong and Courageous, and other similar phrases— a few hundred times, in fact. So it’s clear that God doesn’t want us to be afraid.
But how do we overcome debilitating fear? Important tips are presented here in this special episode.
Want even more? Check out my long-talk given at a men’s retreat for Saddleback Church in 2016. Check it out

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Life Has a Purpose | Enjoy the Ride Series | Video 1 of 8

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Life has a Purpose, ENJOY THE RIDE SERIES, 1 of 8

God is Providential. He has a purpose for us. His plan is to give us hope and a future. But some people believe that humans are placed on earth for no reason whatsoever. In this session, we’ll learn that such an idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. God’s “providence” ensures us that we have a purpose and that God has a plan for our lives!

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God Knows (Everything) | Enjoy the Ride Series | Video 5 of 8

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Facebook, ENJOY THE RIDE SERIES, 5 of 8

God knows… absolutely everything.

Because God is all-knowing, God’s knowledge is without limits and infinitely expansive. This is called “omniscience.” God knows everything actual and possible. God is never caught unawares or flat-footed. God has allowed human free will which can complicate life for us… but is incapable of thwarting God’s plan.
In this session we learn more about the great Mind of God and how His knowledge exploits evildoers and exalts good, working everything into His plan for us and our lives.
Life can be hard. But it’s made harder when we don’t know how God works. It’s time to get it right. Check out this critical discussion of the Knowledge of God.


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What Mature Christians Should Know (Podcast Episode 002)

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What should Christians know?  Click to discover the answer.

  • Is there a body of beliefs that represent what it means to be a Christian? 
  • Are there essential ideas that comprise a Christian way of thinking?
  • Is there such a thing as a biblical worldview?
  • Are there truths that, if known, could help us live with more certainty?
  • Should people expect to live their lives in spiritual confusion?

These are the types of questions answered in this podcast, Episode 002 – What Mature Christians Should Know.

Take the journey with Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, long-time pastor and professor, who explores the idea with you, to help equip you to grow in your faith.


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