Educational Technology Portfolios: An Exciting New Feature

Portfolios: What they are and how to use them

Portfolio on education and technology
Portfolios are a feature we have chosen to use to enhance the way we provide information.  People are always looking for good content for building their personal knowledge.  When we are informed, we can become thought leaders.
There are numerous areas we’ve developed in the Portfolio areas, but one of the areas of greatest interest to our Academii members and guests are the “Education” and “Technology” links on the Portfolio page and on the Portfolio drop down menu.
Click image below for details.

Click for Portfolios on Education and Technology
On those pages you will find amazing links to some of the best destinations on the world wide web for content in those respective areas.  Just click and get informed.  Each image on every portfolio offers a world of good that will inspire you to world-changing action.  Enjoy– and here’s some ways you can help us make these resources better:  First, let us know in the comment section if there are other areas you might want us to expand.  Second, if you like it, share it!