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BibleSoft PC Study Bible


An advanced exegetical and original language electronic study Bible resource designed for pastors, educators, and scholars of the Bible.  As with other electronic study Bibles there are several packaged “libraries” available.  The largest library has a collection of about 400 reference work volumes including Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Hebrews and Greek language helps, pastoral sermon resources, and word study resources.  Additional resources to expand one’s system are available.  One of BibleSoft’s sales taglines is: “Stop Searching – Start Studying.”  The system is icon based which makes it straight forward and easy to use.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
BibleSoft PC Bible Study is reasonably priced resource available from their website, as well as through Christian Book Distributors, and local Christian bookstores.  The website has the most current information and the widest selection of available options.  Biblesoft’s Customer Service phone is 866.722.4253.
Using this Resource in Academic Teaching

  • To aid pastors and Bible study leaders who preach and teach God’s Word.
  • To simplify lesson preparation with easy access to Bible tools and resources.
  • To access all available original language word information with “quick links.”
  • To help with instant Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic word database pop-ups for parsing and transliteration information.
  • To provide audio pronunciations for the Greek lexical forms.
  • To interface easily with options for changing the size and format of displayed content.
  • To allow one to take a sermon or other written material and include it as a “searchable” resource, with an “authoring system.”
  • To quickly copy multiple texts using the “append” feature that allows multiple copies to the clipboard and a single paste to the saving document.

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Articulate Presenter

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Articulate Presenter

Articulate Presenter transforms PowerPoint presentations into flash video. By affixing audio, video and enhanced graphics to PowerPoint presentations Articulate Presenter provides users an edge over single-frame presentations. Flash video presentations increase product communicability for viewers. Articulate Presenter allows for interactive branching scenarios dependent upon viewer input. PowerPoint presentations are empowered through Articulate Presenter’s simple to use interface giving clients a necessary advantage in today’s competitive environment.
Locating or Acquiring This Resource
Articulate Presenter is available free for a 30-day trial period at Customers can purchase Articulate Presenter for about $799 at For a limited time the software can be purchased at a discounted rate of about $699. Upon purchase customers can download Articulate Presenter directly from the product website. No physical software is available for order.
Using This Resource in Academic Teaching

  • Articulate Presenter allows for professors and students to enhance presentations for increased effectiveness


  • Professors can increase classroom interaction by improving lecture presentations


  • Professors can reinforce content through branching scenario features that encourage student participation


  • Recorded audio and video allows professors or students to incorporate pre-recorded elucidation from themselves or outside voices to reinforce lecture agenda


  • Embedded websites in presentations offers students and professors avenues to incorporate various material from the internet


  • Branching scenarios provide avenues for testing and collective exploration


  • Articulate Presenter’s intuitive design allows for students and professors with varying degrees of computer competency to sharpen their presentations for impact

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