Do Your Dream

Everyone has dreams. We all have things we would like to see materialize in our lives.
But for most people, their dreams are elusive. Their goals don’t seem to come together. After all, it isn’t like the vast majority of people around us are all making a great impact. And it’s not that high impact performance is “commonplace.” Actually it’s quite rare.
So what does it really take to “do our dream?”
Personally, I think that (the variables of life notwithstanding) we can “do our dream” if we can learn to leverage the fulness of ourselves to that end. After all, God has placed eternity in our hearts and has given us great potential. And to the degree that we are willing to align ourselves to the pursuit of our dream, our goals begin to materialize. Here’s how I think about it all…
To “Do Your Dream” you must:
Fully Train or Focus Your Mind on Your Dream. The size of your dream in your thinking affects nearly everything about how you respond to that dream. If your dream is tiny, you stay unmotivated– because you’re playing small ball and you know it. We simply can’t get really motivated for small dreams. They don’t inspire us and they don’t pique our interest enough to invest our sustained energy in reaching them. My advice is to ask God to expand your thinking and to grow your capacity to believe. As you nurture your dream, it feeds your imagination.
Put Your Heart on the Line. You’ll never reach your dream if it’s not IN you. You need motivation. You need conviction. You need the burn. You need to go “all in.” You won’t change the world without this type of commitment. Taking the “I’ll get emotionally involved when things start working out” approach isn’t going to cut it because seeing a big dream come to pass takes lots of emotional energy. And that energy is needed right “NOW”– so you can’t hold out emotionally.
Act with Resolve. Dreams scare us. Fear causes us to lock up. That’s because big goals come with big price tags– they cost us a lot. But action extinguishes fear. The best way I know to overcome the threat of potential failure is by choosing not to fail and then doing something. Sometimes the fear of failing is enough to give us the motivation we need to “not fail.” So work like it all depends on you, and pray like it all depends on God.
When we nurture our minds with the virtue of our dream, it inspires us to greatness.
When we cultivate our hearts with the grandeur of our dream, it motivates us with the motivation to act.
And when we give ourselves completely to our dream and act with faithful abandon, that unleashed will of ours imposes itself on the forces that work against us, and that dream is powered forward toward completion.
Image: Joe Penniston