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This purchase is one of numerous audio courses Podcast Seminary is making available.  Our courses are categorized into one of nine essential areas of Christian discipleship and worldview.  Each is designed to help you grow in your faith and relationship with God.  By listening and re-listening to this content, you will begin to master the elements of this area of Christian knowledge.
In time, you will have a robust understanding of the essentials of this topic.  As you register for other courses, you will see your knowledge, understanding, and more importantly- “wisdom” increase.  Congratulations on taking this step of discipleship growth.  Podcast Seminary is honored to be a part of you becoming all God has created you to be.  Thank you!

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You have complete access to this information and all links on this page should immediately download your content. However, some restrictions exist for non-members. If on another web page and asked for a password to access a podcast download for this course, enter this password: 2tim22
In the future, if a password is needed and this password does not work, email us at and we’ll update you right away, with new credentials to get your content!

Your Audio Course has Four Primary Sessions

FORM 111, Course Overview, 8.5 x 11

Course Download Options

There are multiple download options for this course, depending on how you intend to use it. You may download it to your smart device podcasting app, iTunes account, or to your computer hard drive or cloud. Below are step-by-step instructions for each.
Podcasts are sessions/episodes of audio or video content made available in apps on mobile and other digital devices. To get them, you must subscribe to the desired content from a provider.
[Note: Now that you have paid tuition for this course, you can have access to this Podcast Seminary content through the direct download links above and also through your favorite podcast app. Just subscribe to this course podcast using the provided subscription link provided below]
If you follow the following steps, you’ll have access to your audio files on your convenient podcast apps (mobile iTunes and Android apps, etc.) in only a couple of minutes.

Option 1: Download this Course to Any Mobile Device via Podcasting App

NOTE: Because this series is proprietary and premium content, it cannot be found in the searchable podcast directory. You must manually add it as described and illustrated here.
1. View Our Podcasting App Manual Subscribe Tutorial. Need more help? See these still images.
2. Use this RSS Feed URL string to (manually) put the podcast on your favorite podcasting app:
Detailed Written Directions for Podcasting Apps
1. Copy the following weblink address and email or text the link to your smart mobile device.
2. Go on your Smart Device and find the link you just sent. Hold your finger on the web link and copy the URL address (URL).
3. Download and open your favorite podcast app (from the iTunes or Google Play store, etc.).
4. Click the “search” bar/search function.
5. If given the option, search using “URL.” Paste the link above (called an RSS Feed-URL) provided to you above into the blank search field, then tap “search”
6. When the podcast feed comes up, “subscribe” and you will then have this content available on the podcast app.  If you don’t see all of the episodes, click ‘feed’ and all of the podcasts should be listed.  Your podcast content from Podcast Seminary will look something like this on your app.

Option 2: Download This Course to Apple iTunes

NOTE: Because this series is proprietary and premium content, it is not on the searchable iTunes directory. You must manually add it as described here.
View our iTunes Laptop/Desktop Manual Subscribe Tutorial
Use this RSS Feed URL string to (manually) put the podcast on your iTunes Account:
Detailed Written Directions for iTunes
1. Open iTunes program
2. Enable your menu bar (top left corner) if it is not visible
3. Go to File > Subscribe to Podcast
4. Paste the Feed URL above into the box and hit OK
5. Wait or refresh your iTunes program and it will appear

Option 3: Permanently Download Your Audio Files to Your Computer/Cloud

Note: You MUST BE LOGGED IN to your Podcast Seminary account in order to access these files. Simply use the login information you created to make this purchase. If you can’t remember your login, you can request a new password on the login page.

We want you to have this content forever. Every course we create can be saved to your phone, computer hard drive, and cloud service. When you take a moment to do this, it will be available for future use on any media device that you own.  
Note: The Podcast Feed is located at: There you can click to listen/view files. One you click a podcast, you will have the option of downloading it to your computer or device.

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Learner Notes for All 4 Sessions
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

About Podcast Seminary

Podcast Seminary helps Christians and congregations develop comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and the Christian Worldview. We help Christians fill gaps in their Bible knowledge through “listen-alone” audio courses and “study-together” online courses. We help churches make disciples by providing quality and comprehensive curriculum in nine essential content areas. All courses are organized into dynamic four-session series. Enjoy this resource and pray for our work and Podcast Seminary.  We especially appreciate your sharing about this ministry to others.

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