Thanks for Ordering Soapbox Stage "Monthly 'Go'" Service

Thanks for signing up for Soapbox Stage “Monthly ‘Go'” Service.  We’re excited to help you build your platform!

Here’s what you’ve purchased–

Monthly “Go” Service ($25 monthly recurring until E-Z cancellation)


  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Personal Site Management
  • You Update Your Pages After Initial Setup
  • You Post Content Whenever You Want
  • Up to 4 New Podcasts OR Multiple Blog Posts Monthly
  • You Must Only Maintain Community Quality Standards
  • Fee includes hosting, content space, security, maintenance, updates, CDN (content delivery network) services, etc.

Now What?

When you’re ready, you can begin to assemble the items needed to get your website updated on the Soapbox.  You are entitled to post EITHER Podcasts or Blog posts with this monthly plan. You may either create up to 4 podcasts monthly (100 MB or less each) OR you can create multiple blog posts. You can schedule them for a future post date or you may post them all at once. Either way, your month of posting and editing freedom begins now, so enjoy!

Updating Your Soapbox Stage Site

From time to time you may need to update your soapbox site. When you do, just come back to this email and follow the link or update and submit the form below.

Update Your Site

All the best,
If you have questions, use the contact form below.

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