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Soapbox exists to help you “get informed” and “be transformed.”  We’re all about making your life richer and more meaningful.  That involves us moving from a mere survival mentality, to a mindset of success then significance. Soapbox is a “network” which means that it has multiple websites.  Each of our websites features their own podcasts, blogs, and other unique features on different topics. We think you’re going to like it!  That means you can enjoy our Soapbox.Network home page, but you can also dig deeper in a host of areas in which you may be interested.  So, instead of you coming here and getting bogged down with a mashup of completely different fields on every page, we have dedicated areas of our website to different topics that are hosted on different websites with our network. Each of the websites have unique podcasts, blogs, videos, courses, webinars, products, and services.

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FREDTalks Website

FREDTalks has one goal: to equip you as a leader.  But growing as a leader requires growing as a person.  So FREDTalks features a leadership blog that provides insights from today’s best business literature, great leadership quotes, tips on productivity, and how-to steps on building a personal platform, all designed to help grow your influence.  FREDTalks also has podcasts, portfolios, and important leadership tools for those in positions of influence.  So whether you are someone in a for-profit, non-profit, ministry, or an association, you’ll find valuable resources to help you make your mark.  Start now.


Education & Technology

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Academii Website

Academii (pronounced “academy”) equips people in areas of education and technology.  So whether you are a professional or volunteer teacher, professor, speaker, or work in technology, this site is for you.  Academii features two podcasts: Academii and FredX.  FredX is related to “educational technology” and Academii is primarily related to teaching– and especially to those hoping to move into higher education positions in the future.  Academii features a blog, courses, webinars, and even a membership site to help equip you in the areas of teaching-learning, curriculum, assessment, administration, leadership, career, and digital learning.  Check it out!


Faith, Discipleship, & Ministry

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DigitalDiscipler Website

DigitalDiscipler has three categories, Faith, Discipleship, and Ministry. Faith resources are meant to help people find God and get to know Him at a deeper level.  For this reason, they are organized by levels of spiritual intensity (seeker, basic, intermediate, and advanced).  The Discipleship resources have the same purpose of helping people grow spiritually, but they are organized by category (devotional, doctrinal, inspirational, and instructional).  By organizing materials this way, you can use our various blog categories to find content to help you grow in both breadth and depth, depending on what you need.  Finally, Ministry resources are for leaders responsible for equipping others.  We provide both introductory and seminary-level training for ministry leaders, plus coaching and other helpful resources.  These plus our podcasts will be sure to encourage your spiritual life and ministry.  Connect with God now.


Podcasts & Online Courses


Podcast Seminary Website

Podcast Seminary is an extension of and a sister site of  Whereas MiniSeminary is being built for churches and ministries who need to equip their people, Podcast Seminary offers resources for individuals.  In addition to all the free resources on Soapbox.Network and on DigitalDiscipler’s Podcast and Blog, we are developing premium podcasts that are comprised of 4 condensed, 30 minute audio-based sessions for each course.  Podcast audio courses are for those who want to learn alone, on the go, at their own pace.  In addition, we are offering four-week online courses on the same content areas for those who wish to study with others in an online community.  Our online courses are for those who want the encouragement and accountability of group study.  Audio-Only Podcast Seminary students may download available courses at any time.  Online Courses are offered on a schedule, with courses beginning at the first of the month.  Fill Gaps In Your Bible Knowledge Today!


Large & Small Group Curriculum



Mini Seminary Curriculum Website

MiniSeminary has been created to help people grow in Faith and Discipleship.  MiniSeminary is an extension of the ministry of DigitalDiscipler and related to our sister site PodcastSeminary.  MiniSeminary is developing church curriculum in 9 essential areas: Foundations, Bible, Theology, Ministry, Formation, Christian Living, Apologetics, Leadership, and Electives.  Each course is a 4-session series, appropriate for a four-week large or small group, or a four-part study at a retreat, camp, or other event.  Our curriculum offerings are systematic and comprehensive and provide all the resources needed for any size ministry.  MiniSeminary focuses on equipping believers with a biblical worldview while building depth and breadth in biblical literacy.   We Offer Strong Curriculum Because “Every Church Should Be a Mini-Seminary”



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Studio C Website

Studio C features commentary and analysis on Culture.  Ours is the greatest time of change in the world’s history.  No previous generation has been faced with as many opportunities or threats as this one.  Because Americans and many other people in our world live in democratic republics governed by the consent of the people, citizens (we) have a responsibility to be informed and engaged members of society.  And while it would be a mistake to think that civic leaders, activists, politicians, or political parties will save society, cultural indifference and apathy are worse.  After all, it is we, our children, and our children’s children who must live in this world.  And what society thinks and does makes our communities, nation, and world flourish or fail.  For these reasons, Studio C provides perspectives about current events, civics, church and state, and policy.  The result will be more informed and responsible citizens.  Learn more.


Meet Freddy Cardoza

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I’m Freddy Cardoza. This network is my Soapbox. It’s the digital platform where my voice is heard on areas of Leadership, Technology, Education, Faith, and Discipleship. I am a professor, teacher, speaker, and leader. I currently serve as a Professor and Program Director of the Christian Education Department for Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, a private Christian university in Greater Los Angeles. I serve as the Executive Director for the Society of Professors in Christian Education (SPCE), an organization comprised of ministry professors from some 200 evangelical academic institutions. Get to Know Me